Three Types of Automatic Bending Machines and Their Uses

Three Types of Automatic Bending Machines and Their Uses


Here at Edge Finisher Company, we manufacture equipment that allows you to improve the appearance and quality of your finished acrylic and plastic sheets. In this blog post, we’ll take you through three types of our fully automatic bending machines that can assist you with your specific applications.

1. ABM-135/D

The ABM-135/D is their newest a crylic bending machine that utilizes both top and bottom heating to heat your plastic sheet and uses one of two adjustable breaks to bend the material into the desired shape or angle. It’s the perfect choice for high volume production of plastics that are 0.25 inches thick or less.

2. AFF135 and AFF135/D

The AFF135 is an excellent choice for high-volume production of single bend material. It’s quite easy to set up and the system can heat, bend, and cool the plastic sheets automatically which makes it particularly ideal for thin overlays or badge holders.

The AFF135/D, on the other hand, has the same technology as the AFF135 but it consists of two heating units. This means 2 bends can be done at the same time, increasing productivity and efficiency.

3. HRT/D300 and HRP/D300 Auto Feed

The HRP/D300 is made with features that are similar to the HRP, but it has an automatic feed system that allows you to feed the material to the machine at around 40 ft. per minute using a pneumatic controlled feeder that has a conveyor belt. This machine is ideal for manufacturing a high quantity of display products.

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The HRT/D300 has the same specifications but it doesn’t include the top heating feature. It’s a more economical choice that’s excellent for high-volume production of thin material. It’s also fully adjustable for heat, height, and wire position.

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