An Exquisite Collection of Indian Art for Your Living Room

An Exquisite Collection of Indian Art for Your Living Room


Indian art is all about the colors and beauty of patterns. Every generation comes up with new ideas. Indian art is being utilized in various forms, like decorating homes. We can hang the paintings on the wall or keep them on the table near the bed. There are many places where kept paintings can look good. Right now, Indian paintings are famous everywhere around the world. It has made a massive place in every house. A wide range of artwork can be found from the culture.

Pattachitra Paintings

Pattachitra painting is done with natural fabrics and dyes. It is a fantastic kind of Indian art that people like from everywhere around the world. In these paintings, images are usually used of Hindu mythology. These paintings always have some meaning. So, if you are searching for something like this, Pattachitra paintings are the ideal option for you. These types of paintings enhance the look of the room. If you are up with any themed party where Indian is the theme, you can keep these paintings there. Buy pattachitra paintings online at in reasonable price.

Landscape paintings

In Indian paintings, gods and goddesses are described in a perfect way that attracts people’s attention. This is the reason why landscape paintings are described here. A landscape painting can link you to the natural world and will make you feel like you are living close to nature. They reveal a lot about your personality and also make a positive environment in the living room. You can buy paintings online.

Pichwai Paintings

Pichwai is a cultural artwork of Rajasthan which came into existence nearly four hundred years ago. Since then, people have loved this artwork. In these paintings, lord Krishna is made, also known as srinathji. These paintings are made to create a positive and good environment in the house.

These paintings were kept in temples.

There are two reasons why these paintings were kept in temples. The first one is how they were beautifully created, and the second one is they appear to be both artistic and lovely. You can buy pichwai paintings and can keep them anywhere in the house. It enhances the appearance of the wall, regardless of the colors and patterns it has.

Classic Indian Art

Classic Indian art is the best one among all the artworks. It is also known as Indian miniature paintings. These are unique paintings because of the way they are made. Palm leaves wood pieces are used to make them. Every detail, from the design to the colors, appears to be so precise that it may instantly win thousands of followers.

The quality of these paintings is very good. It depicts how ancient people used to live in their times. Their lifestyle, education, and many more things are described in these paintings. Nowadays, classic artwork has leveled up and has given a modern touch in the paintings. Buy madhubani paintings to make your living room look beautiful.

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