Captain Alexis Fecteau Gives Opinion onMajor Responsibilities and Duties of Successful Pilots

Captain Alexis Fecteau Gives Opinion onMajor Responsibilities and Duties of Successful Pilots


Professional pilots navigate and fly planes, helicopters, and other kinds of aircraft. They are employed by airlines and can work for specific companies, in charge of transporting passengers from one place to another or cargo on a fixed schedule. On the other hand, commercial pilots work for particular companies that provide charter flights, aerial photography, or rescue operations.

Captain Alexis Fecteau – An insight into modern aircraft and flights of today

Captain Alexis Fecteau is the Director of Marketing for Boeing Business Jets. He has been a USAF, a former flight instructor and a pilot of commercial aircraft. He says that before you want to become a pilot, you must understand how modern aircraft work today. He says the crew in the cockpit comprises of the Captain and the first officer or the co-pilot. They share the responsibility for flight duties like steering the plane, communicating with controllers of air traffic, and supervising different instruments. Old planes might have flight engineers on board while new aircraft have this role automated for convenience.

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Major responsibilities and duties

The duties and responsibilities of pilots vary; however, they all share some common tasks. Besides flying the airplane, a pilot is responsible for the following-

  1. Conducting inspections of the aircraft before and after the flight.
  2. Choosing routes that are effective and safe.
  3. Determining risks that might take place.
  4. Maintain accurate flight records for compliance processes.
  5. Maintaining communication with personnel and other necessary agencies related to the flight.
  6. Ensuring the comfort and the safety of the crew, passengers, and aircraft.

Competencies and skills to become a successful pilot in the aviation industry

The following are the critical skills and competencies to become a successful pilot-

  1. Teamwork – You must have excellent team management skills. You should communicate with the crew, air controllers, and other flight dispatchers.
  2. Communication – You should have an excellent problem-solving ability, pay attention to details, and be very good at communication.
  3. Managing tasks – You must have excellent task management skills. You should have the ability to prioritize your projects and tasks to prevent delays.
  4. Interpersonal skills – You need to get along with other people in your profession. Interpersonal skills are vital when you are a pilot.
  5. Be adaptable – You must have the ability to adjust and adapt to working hours during the night and day. You need to work in different conditions, and it is here you should be adaptable to every situation.
  6. Maintain a professional demeanor- You need to be professional and calmly conduct business. You cannot afford to make decisions emotionally. Every successful pilot maintains a professional attitude in the workplace.

As highlighted by Captain Alexis Fecteau if you want to be a pilot, introspect carefully and research thoroughly. The life of a pilot does look glamorous, but it has its share of pressure, stress, and responsibility. Enroll in a right flying school with a reputation in the market. Get your training and license to embark into the aviation industry with success!

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