Bharat Bhise Marks the Importance Of Content In The Digital Landscape

Bharat Bhise Marks the Importance Of Content In The Digital Landscape


For all companies, making their presence felt in the virtual world has become extremely crucial. Digital marketing techniques and methods are among the most effective, easy and reliable ways to reach a wide set of audience today. As per Bharat Bhise, while there are many important aspects that make a digital marketing plan successful, content would be the key one. The phrase ‘content is the king’ holds a lot of truth in the modern digital landscape. Hence, developing high-quality, engaging and creative content should be among the top goals of any digital marketing team, so as to increase more inbound traffic to the website and enhance conversion rates.

Social media to search engines, all are vital parts of a robust digital marketing strategy; hence it often becomes difficult for people to understand which aspect would require their maximum attention. Bharat Bhise says that it is vital to give special importance to the content used in the digital marketing techniques of a company as it ultimately acts as a fuel for all of them, and aids in building trust and connection with the target audience. Content would be the base on which one can promote their business online, and therefore it is vital to provide it with the attention it deserves.

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As pointed out by Bharat Bhise, while there are multiple important reasons that highlight the need of writing good digital content, some of the major ones are:

  • Content can assist in educating the audience, so that they are able to make smart purchasing decisions. Educational content usually takes the form of product pages, blog posts, about the company page, and so on. It may even include reviews, tutorials and other content pieces that provides the patrons with resources they might need to make educated purchasing decisions. Such content should be based on educating the target audience more about the brand and its offerings.
  • Strong content pieces can aid brands to become more visible and reach a wider set of audience, both on search engines and social media. Effective SEO involves keyword placement, back links, and website visitors, and each of these components are fueled by quality content. Without having proper content, one would not be able to encourage website visitors to stay at a page and shall also not have any relevant information for other websites to link it to. Good quality content can ideally be linked all over the web, subsequently increasing the traffic to a website, while also building authority with search engines.
  • Social media has emerged as one of the best available tools for establishing genuine relationships with the customer base. However, to have positive engagement on these platforms, quality content is also required.

Content is the foundation of any digital marketing strategy. Companies that do not invest in quality content would invariably struggle to attract quality leads and boost the conversion rates of their business.

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