Is There Really Such a Thing as a Totally Free People Search?

Is There Really Such a Thing as a Totally Free People Search?


One of the best things that you can hear about services and goods is the word ‘free’. However, in many cases, this word is intended to lure in clients, and afterward, they realize that they have to pay to get the free goods and services. One of the free services that are offered online is a free people search, which is an important service that many need. Like with other services that claim to be free, you should know if there really is such a thing as a completely free people search.

What is a free people search?

People search services provide information about individuals that is not confidential. When using a people search service, you get data from public records that is available to everyone in the United States. Public records contain valuable information, such as birth records, marriage, and divorce records, company records, criminal records, sex offender records, contact information, arrest records, driving records, and more.

You can use a people search service both online and offline, but the ladder method is the least recommended of the two. Why? Because it requires quite a bit of leg work; you need to contact or go in person to the agencies that maintain public records. Then, you need to file a request to get the data you need, pay for each search, and wait to get copies of the public records.

You can contact agencies online, but you will need to do so with every agency that holds the particular records that you are looking for. So, if you need a copy of a birth record and a copy of a criminal record, you would have to contact two separate agencies: the vital records office and the court.

In turn, you can use an online service that does the legwork for you: there are people search websites that have access to public records from all the agencies that maintain these files. You can get access to all records on these websites, and get copies of the records in one place.

A people search service on these websites can help you confirm people’s identities, find people with access to contact information, and find valuable data about people in your life.

So, is there such a thing as a completely free people search?

The answer is ‘yes, but…’; there are people search services that are completely free, but they provide limited access to public records. When you need contact information, access to basic public records, and other basic information – you can definitely enjoy free people search services that are really free.

However, if you need access to more in-depth records, like criminal records and marriage records, a free service will not be helpful. This is because access to public records databases costs money, and free websites, that do not charge a thing, do not have the finances to access these records.

If you want to use free websites, you should choose a professional and reliable website. reviews free people search websites for its readers, and you can use to whenever you need to find people’s contact information and confirm people’s identities.

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