How to Find Friends with a Free Background Check

How to Find Friends with a Free Background Check


There are free background check websites that can help you find valuable information about people – both from your past and your present. If there are friends whom you lost touch with, this could be a great tool to track them down. However, you need to make sure that you use professional and reliable websites, and here is what you need to know about the free checks.

Personal background checks for the general public

If you have ever undergone an employment background check, you know how it goes: you give your consent to have your information checked, and the employer sends the request to a third-party company, which then runs the check. A personal check is very different. It is not performed in any official capacity, and it is performed by you, and not a professional company.

An independent, personal background check is based on public records; there are certain personal records in the country that are available to all: birth records, contact info, marriage records, divorce records, criminal records, and more. You can get access to these files whenever you want, and in case you were wondering – yes, the search is legal, under the Freedom of Information Act.

So, you can get access to public records and find data about people. It is a wonderful and useful tool for identity confirmation and for finding reliable and unbiased info about people. In our day and age, you should be careful about who you confide in, and be cautious about who you trust. This is especially true with people you meet online.

What about a free people search?

Now we get to the point. A free people search is very handy when you need to find people’s contact information. If you want to find old friends, you can use a free search service, for no charge. A free background check will not provide you with access to all the public records registered to a person’s name. However, when you need access to basic details, like a phone number – it is just the service you need.

There are websites that use the word “free” to get your attention, but they do not reveal that you only get access to basic records. stands apart from these websites because it emphasizes the difference between a free check and a pro check. The website offers both types of access, and if you need to find friends – you will not need to pay a fee.

How to find friends with a free background check

When you go to, you need two details to find friends: their full name, and their state (you can use the state they lived in when you knew them). The search will begin, and you will get the most recent contact information of the friend that you are looking for. Make sure you spell their name correctly, and who knows? You can rekindle an old friendship and make it last a lifetime.

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