Eleven States to Receive a Stimulus Check in 2022

Eleven States to Receive a Stimulus Check in 2022


Amid the global COVID-19 pandemic, the national financial aid program in the United States helped millions of households in the country. The three rounds of checks were delivered in 2020 and 2021, and it was announced that there will be no federal stimulus check in the country. This caused the launch of state and local financial aid programs, and we are starting to see these programs become a reality; eleven states are set to receive money in the upcoming months, and here are the details:

Which states will receive the stimulus check?


With two state stimulus checks already issued to eligible California residents, a third check is now in the works. Governor Gavin Newsom has made a proposal to send prepaid debit cards of $400 to California drivers, to offset the high costs associated with driving. The card will be a gas card for each vehicle registered to a person, with a two-car and two-card limit.


Idaho residents will receive a 2020 tax rebate for $75, or 12% – the greater sum of the two. The money will be sent via a paper check or direct deposit.


Lawmakers from the Democratic Party in Illinois have proposed payments of $50 per child and $100 per adult in every household in the state. Also, residents can receive an extra $300 in tax credits.

New Mexico

The state of New Mexico may send $500 in 2022 in a one-time tax rebate. Also, residents of the state may receive a child tax credit for the sum of up to $175, for qualified recipients.


According to reports, the state of Georgia is set to issue a one-time tax refund for a maximum sum of $500 for qualified residents. The money derives from a state budget surplus, and it will be worth $250 for single taxpayers, and up to $500 for joint filers.


To aid with payments of consumer goods, the state of Maine will send relief checks for the maximum sum of $850 for eligible taxpayers.


The state of Indiana will send a stimulus check of up to $125 for single filers and up to $250 for married couples.

New Jersey

Low-income taxpayers in New Jersey are set to receive $500, as a means to provide a financial boost to immigrants who are undocumented; the checks will be sent to taxpayers who have a tax certification number, and not only to residents with a Social Security Number.


Hawaii residents who earn less than $100,000 per year are set to receive a check for $300 this year. The checks will be sent to eligible residents who have filed a 2021 Hawaii tax return.


Lawmakers in Virginia have proposed to send a check for $300 to single taxpayers, and $600 for married couples. The money will be issued as a tax refund.

New York

Middle to low-income families in New York will receive a property tax relief, based on their income. The credit averages at $970 for residents who reside outside of New York City. New York homeowners who make less than $75,000 a year will receive $1,050 on average, as part of the program.

To check your eligibility for the aforementioned stimulus check programs, go to your state’s local website. Keep posted on news in the matter on stimuluscheck.io and discover if you are owed money with the property search engine on the website.

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