How to Make Your Brother and Sister Friends Again

How to Make Your Brother and Sister Friends Again


Don’t we just love sibling fights? They are cute and funny at times, but definitely not when they happen in real life. Now, I don’t know how often you’ve had a fight with your brother or sister, but I find it a common issue among siblings living in the same home. People have an emotional attachment to their family members so you can expect some fights between them from time to time. To end these petty fights, here is a collection of funny brother and sister fight quotes.

Accept that you can’t control everything.

You may have had a fight with your brother over something stupid like who sat on whose favorite chair first or whose turn it was to take out the trash. Now he won’t talk to you because you “ruined his day.” The truth is, you can’t control everything, or anyone else for that matter. Don’t take it personally if he doesn’t forgive you right away; just keep trying until he does.

Don’t take sides.

Don’t take sides. Siblings will often try to get you on their side during fights, hoping that you’ll help them win over their opponent. Don’t do this, Instead, remind them that nobody wins when people argue or fight, it just makes everyone feel worse about themselves and their relationship with each other.

Siblings will often try to get you on their side during fights, hoping that you’ll help them win over their opponent. This is because they know that having somebody on their side makes them more likely to win the argument. However, taking sides in a fight only makes everyone feel worse and damages relationships.

Keep a lid on your emotions.

When you feel angry, think about why it’s important not to yell at your brother or sister in that moment. If you’re feeling betrayed by them, try to understand their perspective as well as yours. It might be tempting to start yelling about how much time they’ve wasted playing video games instead of doing their chores but even if this is true, yelling won’t help matters much here. If your brother or sister asks for space at this point, give it to them; it’ll help them come around sooner rather than later.

Be willing to apologize

If you’ve said something hurtful, it’s important that you apologize, even if they’re the ones who started the argument in the first place. An apology doesn’t take away their feelings but does show them that you care about them and want to make things right between you two.

Be honest about how you are feeling with them both.

This means being open about what happened between you two in the past and why you feel hurt by it. For example, if they hurt your feelings by saying something mean about you behind your back, tell them that this made you feel bad and ask them why they said it in the first place. They might not realize that what they did was wrong and apologize for it immediately.

Don’t force it unless you have to.

Siblings who don’t get along often don’t want to be around each other, so don’t force an interaction if one of you doesn’t want it. If you feel like your brother or sister is being difficult, take a step back and give them some space, they’ll come around when they’re ready.

Find common interests and activities

You may find that once you start talking about things that interest both of you (such as sports or music), it’s easier to get along than if you just talk about what makes each person different from the other one (like their grades or personality traits).

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