Food Processor Brought My Motivation Back

Food Processor Brought My Motivation Back


After I had a child, I suffered from postpartum depression. Not in the sense where I was potentially harmful to anyone, but I just lacked motivation and I was always tired.

Needless to say, any healthy habits that I had went away. I would wake up to feed the baby and have a snack. I didn’t want to bother with cooking because I was always tired and just didn’t feel like it.

I gained a decent amount of weight during my pregnancy. That also contributed to my exhaustion. Paired with the postpartum depression, it was basically a vicious cycle. The number on the scale wasn’t exactly decreasing, and I knew my overall health was suffering for it.

I knew this was supposed to be one of the happiest times of my life and I should be soaking it all in. I should want to be motivated to be healthier for my child. Not only to be around for a long time, but to also teach him healthy foundations as well.

My husband didn’t notice so much, since he was constantly consumed with work. He also didn’t wake up to take care of our son and didn’t spend virtually all of his time caring for another human being. It was my best friend who finally called me out.

She could tell something was not right, aside from the normal new mom exhaustion. She knew me better than I knew myself it seemed, and she pleaded with me to find help. I called my doctor and scheduled a visit.

I was set up with seeing a therapist which helped a little to start. My best friend was not satisfied with that being the only solution. She is slightly overbearing, but this was a blessing in disguise.

She suggested that I start paying more attention to my fitness and nutrition, and even offered to help me. She’d watch the baby while I took a walk. She’d teach me her ways with food prep so I could make things easier on myself.

She brought over her food processor and showed me what she did to prepare her meals for the week. With my baby strapped to me, I just watched and listened. She got me ready for my first week. She told me to just eat what was prepared and see how I felt.

We did the same thing the following week. I was really lucky that I had someone who was so invested in pulling me out of my funk. During the second week, I started to see the light. I was feeling a lot better. I felt lighter too.

My best friend told me I could keep her food processor, and that she wanted to purchase a larger one anyway. I was so grateful, especially now since she took the time to show me how to use it.

Of course, the first time using it totally on my own, I dropped the work bowl. I immediately called my friend. She sent me the link to KitchenWorksUSA, where I could purchase the Cuisinart DLC-8 4-piece Tritan Bowl Kit Part. Iwas so thankful there was an easy fix. I didn’t want to lose any of my momentum.

6 months have gone by, and I’m still on the right track. I’m still seeing my psychologist, I’ve implemented a workout routine, and I’ve continued to prep my food. Overall I’ve adjusted to motherhood. Thanks to my best friend, I’m a lot healthier than I was before. I’m so grateful for her and for the Cuisinart food processor that she gave me.

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