What is an Online Background Check and How to Get Fast Results?

What is an Online Background Check and How to Get Fast Results?


Employment background checks are common practice among employers; these types of checks are used to verify applicants’ identities, as well a means to verify their education and employment history. Aside from employment background checks, which should only be performed by licensed companies, there are also unofficial checks that the general public can perform. An online background check can give you insight into people’s lives, and provide you with valuable information about the individuals in your life.

What is an online background check?

When talking about background checks, there are two types of checks: offline and offline. The offline check is a check where you need to contact agencies that maintain public records and request access to them. An online background check is a check that you can perform online; a check such as this is usually performed on online public records databases, that collect data from official resources.

Let’s back it up a little…

Before you perform a check on people, you should know what it is in general; a personal background check is a check that relies on public records.

Public records are records that contain pieces of information or files from official resources: vital records offices, courts, law enforcement agencies, and other agencies. When you perform a check online, you will get data that is gathered from these official files. What data does an online background check provide? here is a partial list:

  • Age (from birth records)
  • Marriage records
  • Divorce records
  • Driving records
  • Criminal records
  • Arrest records
  • Names of relatives
  • Sex offender data

Online databases collect the information and aggregate it into a report that you can view online.

Why should I perform a personal public records search?

An online check is very helpful for many people. If you lost touch with friends, want to get in touch with relatives, or find other people from your past – this is a quick and easy way to do it.

Also, an online background check is an important identity verification tool; these days, there are people who provide false information about themselves. It can be a small lie, like about someone’s age, and it can be a completely false identity.

If you are using online dating resources, if you met people online, or you have people in your life that you have questions about – a personal public records check is a must.

How to perform a quick online check?

As we said, an online background check is the fastest way to get access to public records. To get information from as many records as possible, you should only use a professional website. If you want to perform an online check, backgroundcheck.co is available 24/7.

To perform a search on backgroundcheck.co, you need to give these details about the person in question: the state where they live, and their full name. The search takes several minutes and even less, and at the end of it – you will get a report with complete public records data and answers to important questions.

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