Essential Things to Keep in Mind for maintaining Menstrual Hygiene

Essential Things to Keep in Mind for maintaining Menstrual Hygiene


Menses or menstruation is one of the crucial processes in a woman’s body. It deserves serious attention and self-care for that matter. When it comes to Feminine hygiene, menstrual hygiene is one of the important topics to have discussions on because ensuring proper health during menses will help in easing out the pain that a woman has to go through every month. Menstrual time can be hard for a woman, but if they follow proper practices, then period days can go smoothly without facing any health issue.

The following listed are some points that every woman should keep in mind in order to have healthy and hygienic period days:

· Change your sanitary napkin in every 5 hours

It is a thumb rule to have proper vaginal hygiene. Women need to change their sanitary pads in every 5 hours at least to stay protected from any disease or infection. When the menstrual blood releases out of a woman’s body, it carries and attracts various other organisms from the body. These organisms get multiply due to the warmth of the blood. This can cause rashes, urinary tract infections, and irritation as well. Changing tampons or pads within every 5 hours can help in the growth of such organisms.

· Washing is important

It is exceptionally essential to wash the vagina during menses. This is because there are many organisms that can stay on your body once you remove the pad or tampon.  It is important to wash and properly clean the vagina so that the body remains unaffected from bacterial infections.

· Do not use any additional to wash the vagina

You may have seen and read that it is good to use vaginal hygiene products on a regular basis. But you need to avoid using all such products when you undergo menstruation. This is because the vagina has its own cleaning process, which becomes active during the days of periods. The most you can use is lukewarm water if you feel itchiness or irritation. But using vaginal hygiene products can hamper the natural cleaning process of the vagina.

· Keep a period kit ready

It is important to keep a period kit ready when you have menses time around the corner. Make a kit that has sanitary napkin or tampons as you like, a soft towel, some tissue paper, covers to dispose off the used pad or tampon, and hand sanitizer. Nowadays, there are many subscription boxes available that give all the necessary items that a woman would require during her menses in a kit. They get it deliver to you every month before the time of your periods.

These were some ways that can give guarantee a perfect Feminine hygiene routine. It is pivotal to take care of yourself during the days of menses.

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