Increase Business Development by Integrating Navision Software with Business CRM

Increase Business Development by Integrating Navision Software with Business CRM


Microsoft Dynamics Nav is the latest ERP software system that professionals at Microsoft Corporation have developed for business owners. It is also known as Navision software. This software platform has many analytical tools that allow business owners to monitor the progress of their companies. By integrating Navision software into their IT infrastructure, business owners can get real-time data on many critical areas of their operations. These include manufacturing, production, customer relationship, inventory management, sales, finance, purchases, and human resource. Based on this information, they get to know the current performance of their businesses in the market and can make changes as and when needed.

Navision Software – Why should small business owners integrate this platform into their CRM system?

Most business owners generally operate a separate customer relationship management (CRM) system along with an enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform. The employees of these owners who are responsible for administrative tasks often have to record identical information into both of these systems. Only then can these business owners get a real-time database based on which they can make critical decisions. Unfortunately, manually entering data into two separate systems is a time-consuming process. It is also prone to inadvertent human errors. This is why many owners choose to integrate the latest Navision software into their CRM system.

Business owners soon realize that integrating the Navision software into their CRM system has the following three benefits:

1 Improves productivity

Managers of small businesses need to obtain real-time data on the activities of their departments. Only then can they make independent decisions on improving the efficiency of current projects and production processes. The managers can then focus on creating products on the basis of specific customer orders. These managers can achieve this objective by integrating Navision software application into their CRM systems.

2 Minimizes the time employees spend on data entry tasks

Business owners are aware that they need to streamline their entire IT infrastructure to obtain real-time, accurate data. This includes its enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management platforms. Fortunately, the Navision software application has a unique entity mapping feature, which makes it possible to integrate both these platforms. This eliminates the need for employees to enter the same data into two different systems at the same time.

3 Provide better services to customers

Business owners are in a better position to meet their customers’ needs by integrating Navision software into their CRM platform. At the touch of a button, they can get access to up-to-date product and inventory records. They can then convey this information to their sales representatives who communicate the same message instantly to customers. The owners can even give consistent answers over the phone to new customers seeking information about their products.

Owners can enhance the efficiency and productivity of their businesses by integrating the latest Navision software into their CRM systems. This is because they eliminate the need for their employees to enter the same data into two different systems. Business owners can then allocate more important tasks to managers and save time. Moreover, business owners and managers can get real-time information they need to analyze the business’ performance in the market. On the basis of this data, they can then take steps to provide better services to their customers.

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