Essential Components Of A Modular Kitchen

Essential Components Of A Modular Kitchen


You can design your modular kitchen interiors in various ways to ensure that it satiates all your needs. There are many accessories available in the market that you can get customised to make your kitchen more functional. Using these accessories, you can incorporate many smart storages into your kitchen design. This will help to make use of the space smartly and prevent the kitchen from getting cluttered. Hence, using your kitchen will become more convenient. Mentioned below are the various accessories without which your modular kitchen design will be incomplete:

01 of 06 Cutlery organisers

People use cutlery trays to keep the cutleries organised. These cutlery trays can fit in the drawer and help to keep the items separately. As a result, you do not have to waste time finding the right item. Different trays come with compartments of different sizes and shapes so that you can easily store the spoons, forks, knives, etc. Experts suggest not installing a cutlery drawer directly underneath the stove. Accessing time and again becomes an impediment while cooking.

02 of 06 Pull-out baskets

Pull-out baskets are great for deep and shallow storage. You can store various types of items in them. Many pull-out baskets even feature cutlery and plate organisers that help to keep the kitchen clutter-free. You must keep in mind that pull-out baskets should open to their full length. Otherwise, all the stored items will not be visible when opened. Also, you must never overload these pull-out baskets as they have a specific loading capacity and excess weight can damage the drawers. As a result, the drawer will not stay in a usable condition after a period of time. You will have to make more expenses to get it repaired or replaced.

03 of 06 Pull-out storage

If you want a narrow storage unit, a bottle pull-out is a smart way to incorporate more storage options into your modular kitchen design. Although it is very narrow in width, a bottle pull-out comprises two or three deep shelves. These shelves are best suited for storing bottles of various ingredients like seasonings, cooking oil, sauces, etc. To ensure you can easily access these ingredients while cooking without diverting your attention, locate the bottle pull-out close to the cooking area. While choosing the material, make sure that it will not damage or rust easily.

04 of 06 Tall storage units

Experts always recommend adding a tall storage unit to your modular kitchen design. This is one of the most useful accessories you can have in your kitchen. A pantry will allow you to store a lot of things in one place starting from rice, dal, flour, spices, sauces, to all types of food supplies. Since it is a tall unit, it makes use of vertical space and occupies less floor space. Depending on your requirements, you can select the size of the pantry. However, make sure that there is sufficient space available in the kitchen. If you cannot fit the tall unit in the kitchen, you will have to go out of the kitchen time and again to get the ingredients. This can prove to be really inconvenient.

05 of 06 Corner unit

In many kitchen designs, the corners are not accessible and hence, the space gets wasted. Whether you have an L-shaped modular kitchen interior or a U-shaped kitchen design, you must opt for corner units to ensure that the corner spaces are properly used. Experts always suggest using them to increase the functionality of your kitchen. They easily slide in and out and allow plenty of storage space.

06 of 06 Accessories for under the sink

Owing to the plumbing pipe, there is very little space available underneath a sink. This place can get dirty because of spills while cleaning the dishes and leaks from the pipe. To keep the spots out of sight, consider installing a cabinet. It will not only hide unwanted things but also enhance the appeal of the kitchen design. Further, this cabinet can be used for storing various items like cleaning supplies, kitchen towels, etc.

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