Paolo Boffetta Discusses on The Warning Signs And Preventive Measures for Cancer

Paolo Boffetta Discusses on The Warning Signs And Preventive Measures for Cancer


Cancer is a chronic disease that results from the uncontrollable growth and spread of abnormal cells in the human body. It occurs due to sudden genetic mutations in the deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) of the cells. This is a material containing specific information that regulates how the cells should function, grow, divide, and eventually die out. Only then can there be room for new cells to take their place. Any disruption to this orderly process causes the dead cells to grow, divide, and spread uncontrollably. Soon they begin to damage the remaining healthy cells and accumulate together to form a mass. This is known as a malignant tumor.

Paolo Boffetta – What are the common warning signs which indicate a patient has cancer?

Dr. Paolo Boffetta is a well-known cancer research specialist from Italy who permanently lives in America. His area of expertise is in cancer prevention, molecular, cardiovascular, genetic, and diabetes epidemiology. He has held important positions in some of the top cancer research institutions around the world throughout his career. These include the German Cancer Research Center, American Cancer Society, International Agency for Research on Cancer, and American Health Foundation. Currently, he is an Associate Director for Population Sciences at The Tisch Cancer Institute.

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In the opinion of Paolo Boffetta most cancers are curable due to recent advances in modern medicine. There is an increase in the survival rate of patients suffering from this disease. This is only possible when doctors can identify the existence of tumors in them in their initial diagnosis. Only then can they choose the appropriate treatments to remove the tumors. These could include surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, or targeted therapy. Moreover, people should visit their local doctors when they have the following symptoms, which can indicate whether they could have cancer:

  1. Unusual changes in their bowel habits,
  2. A sore in any part of their bodies which does not heal within a few weeks,
  3. Bleeding or sudden discharge in any region of their bodies,
  4. Prolong indigestion or having problems swallowing all forms of food,
  5. Nagging cough which does not see to go away through usual medicines, and
  6. The appearance of a thick lump in the regions of the breasts in case of women.

He further explains people significantly reduce their chances of suffering from cancer in the following ways:

  1. Eat a healthy diet with plenty of fresh fruits and a wide variety of vegetables,
  2. Maintain a healthy body weight by being active and exercising regularly,
  3. Abstain from drinking alcohol or drink in moderation,
  4. Quit the habit of smoking tobacco, and
  5. Consume foods which have a low salt content and virtually no fats.

According to Paolo Boffetta all forms of cancer are curable only with early diagnosis and treatment. People should immediately consult their doctors when they have specific symptoms, which indicate they could be suffering from this disease. These signs include unusual changes in bowel movement, sore, discharges, thick lumps, prolonged coughs, and indigestion. This is to ensure they get early treatment. Moreover, they avoid risks from cancer by eating a healthy diet, maintaining proper body weight, and abstaining from drinking and smoking.

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