Technology is transforming the world amidst the COVID-19 pandemic

Technology is transforming the world amidst the COVID-19 pandemic


We are presently living in uncertain times during which the companies all over the world are rethinking how they operate. With the COVID-19 pandemic, it is the ‘new normal’ and most companies are being challenged to adapt to the new world. From video chatting to online orders, technology is everywhere.

However, technology can’t do things along; the systems, the people have to bring about a change in their mentality and adapt to the changes in technology. Here are the ways technology is changing the world during this pandemic.

1. You can remain lively and energetic in this disturbed world

Before the current situation, times were changing at a really fast rate due to different innovation. Now is the time when this pace got even faster as the humans started demanding for new solutions and services. The ways of doing business also changed. Thanks to the internet and the different technology innovations that people can still remain agile even while they’re amidst this tough pandemic situation.

2. Technology is helping health care organizations and workers

During these unpredictable times, medical professionals are always faced with challenges of giving highest priority to patients and be able to take care of them. They have to take into account both symptomatic and asymptomatic patients so that the virus is not spread. ConvergeHEALTH Connect for Crisis Response is an accelerator to help with containment and handling patients in remote areas. This was built by using Salesforce Health Cloud and it includes AI-based triage tool along with clinical prediction technology.

3. E-commerce started taking the central position in retail industry

As the brick-and-mortar shops were closed during the lockdown period of this pandemic, all B2B businesses needed an online presence. There came in a total transition that welcomed digital selling and buying from online stores. Companies, regardless of their size, had to offer their services online so that they didn’t affect their consumers and also incur losses. The Salesforce Commerce Cloud utilizes integration support to integrate tax, shipping, payment and other functions to design an ordering system that is fully functional.

4. Companies can accelerate forward

There are technical experts who are relentlessly striving to create solutions that can assist companies through these tough situations. All businesses and companies have to be agile and stand up for offering all types of solutions that are based on technology. As we all are unaware of what the future might bring upon us and hence we have to be ready with all sorts of options that can help companies accelerate forward.

5. Fights misinformation

There are lot of misinformation on the print and electronic media, about wrong diagnosis, about death statistics, medicines, vaccines and also about government policies. Misinformation always leads to anxiety and panic. In order to reduce this panic, companies like Facebook, Google and YouTube are working hard to guide people towards verified and accurate information that is only released by the WHO.


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