Rules to play chess

Rules to play chess


Games are an integral part of our lives and a type of refreshment for people. Children enjoy different games according to skills, likes, dislikes. These are the activities that include certain rules, fixed patterns. There are two types of games, mainly indoor games and outdoor games. Those who love to go outside and play in an open place that has a large space are concluded as outdoor games. Outdoor games keep us physically and mentally fit that helps in our studies.

Indoor games are considered board games, these are played inside the house. Children sit in one place and play these types of games. Indoor games need mental ability, these games don’t help in the physical fitness of the children. There are numerous indoor games but if we talk about one of the most played is chess. Chess is a board game played by two people. It is a mind game. It is played on a chequered square board that has 16 pieces with each player. Each player has their pieces on the board. Though it’s a board game, you can play ┬áCHESS ONLINE with 2 PLAYERS. This game is properly based on rules, let’s have a look at its rules.

  • The first step includes the setting of the board. One has to need a chessboard to play chess and along with it, its pieces also. The chessboard has black and white boxes of the same size each after another. One should know how to keep the square board exactly to play chess. The one rule that makes sure that you have kept the board right is, the white box comes on the bottom right-hand side. You should keep the chess square board to enjoy the game and show your skills.
  • The next step is the pieces of chess. Each player has 16 pieces, the pieces are similar to both the person but the color is different. One has a white color of the pieces and the other has black pieces depending on their selection. The players have to arrange their pieces similarly. All 16 pieces are arranged in two lines, with 8 in each line. The second line consists of the pawns, there are 8 pawns with each player.
  • The first row has different pieces and each piece has a different move. The pawns are moved in a straight direction, they can’t be moved much. Now let’s see how the king moves, the king is the weakest among all the pieces. The king can move only one square in any direction. Once the king is attacked by the competitor, he wins the game by saying check-mate. Queen is the most powerful player in chess, she can move in a straight line in any direction. She can move how many squares she wants until there is any piece. Now the rooks can move how many boxes they want to. They can move backward, forward, and sideways. Bishops can also move as many as they want, only diagonally. They have to remain on the color of the box of which color they are. Knights have a unique moving style. Firstly they move 2 squares in one direction and then only move in such a way that it forms a 90-degree angle. Now the turn of the second row contains only pawns. The pawns move only one square in every direction. They only have a chance to move two squares, when they are moved for the first time. They have the power to attack their opponent diagonally.
  • Now let’s see who will start first and make their crucial move. The first move is by the person who has light color pieces. Every player wants to get the white piece. The person who gets the first move has the advantage have the chance to make the right move.
  • Some tricks and trails can help anyone to win this game. A person wins this game by saying check-mate, they want to finish the game they can draw or resign. The main purpose of this is to attack the king. The king can be attacked by keeping it in such a check that it can’t be moved. King should be blocked with the other pieces so that it doesn’t have the chance to move. Sometimes the king is check-mate in a few seconds only. The reason behind this is that the opponent player doesn’t have proper knowledge or skills on how to play this game.
  • Every game has some strategy, the help of that you can win the game. Same with chess, it has different strategies used to win the game. Their first strategy is to protect the king. It should be the main agenda of the player. Kings can be kept safer when they are in corners then build it with your pieces to protect them from the opponent. The next strategy that you can use to win is pieces. Every piece has something unique and valuable in them. You can’t win the game without pieces. There is an easy way to use this strategy, give points to every piece, and with every move, you will gain a point. Though these points are useless, they can help to make decisions while playing. The next strategy is crucial and easy, have to take control of the center of the chessboard. If you take control over the center, then it will be difficult for your competitor to find boxes. The last strategy is to try to make the proper use of each piece. If you keep the piece in the row only, then it will be of no use.

So, the following rules are used to win the game of chess from your competitor. The main rule is practice, the more you practice the more you will get perfect in this game. There are classes available online to improve your skills. The CHESS GAME is the interesting and mind exercise game.

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