Learn how bad paraphrasing may lead to plagiarism

Learn how bad paraphrasing may lead to plagiarism


It is hard to determine whether something is still a quote or a paraphrase. Umberto Eco offers three types of paraphrases: a) a meaning paraphrase; b) a false and plagiarizing parphrase; and c) a failed, but nonplagiarizing paraphrase.


It was with great anticipation that the Antichrist would appear. Every generation was terrified of the all-destructive demon. Under his rule, lawless chaos would reign. Robbery, pillage as well as torture and mass killing would all be common. However, he would also reign as the Herald of long-awaited fulfillment: the return of Christ and the kingdom for the saints. People were always looking for the “signs”, which according to prophetic traditions should accompany the last “time oftribulation”. They included bad rulers (civil war, droughts, epidemics or comets), sudden deaths of notable men, and more generally an excess in sin.

(a). A useful

Cohn goes into great detail about this. This illustration shows the tension and anticipation that was present at that time. It is fueled by anxiety and disorder, and simultaneously depicts both the return of Christ, the parousia, and the return of God the Lord. People were not devoid of “signs,” even though it was a period of sadness, lootings, robberys, privation, and epidemics.

(b) A false, plagiarizing paraphrase:

Cohn’s [.. there are a few views that the author has put forward in other chapters]. But, the Antichrist’s appearance created greater tensions. Generations lived with constant expectation of the evil demon. His rule would result in lawless chaos, a period of robbery & pillage, torture & mass murder, but also the prelude for the Second Coming or the Kingdom of the Saints. People were constantly on the lookout to see signs that were supposed to signal the end “times of disorder”. These signs included bad governments as well as civil war, civil war, drought, epidemics or comets.

(c). A failed, but not plagiarizing.

Cohn also reminds us that the Antichrist was coming “with greater tension”. Generations lived with anticipation of the devastation of the “ruler of legal chaos, robbery of pillage, torture and murder would reign” while he was also the herald and harbinger of the long-awaited fulfillment: the return of Christ and his kingdom of the saints. People were always vigilant for signs that would accompany the final “times of tribulation,” according to the prophets. Cohn says “these signs” included bad rulers. Civil war, droughts.epidemics. comets. The sudden deaths of prominent men and more generally a rampant in sin.

Exercise: Is the paraphrase 2 plagiarising?

Print this page.

You can now reread the text.

Highlight the parts of the text where colors are used that do not conform to the Paraprasing Rules.

* Rule 1 says that paraphrases can only contain assertions found in the paraphrased content. (It cannot be misleading.

* Rule 2 Paraphrases should not be put in quotation marks

* Rule 3

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