Popular Soft Furnishing Materials For Your Home

Popular Soft Furnishing Materials For Your Home


Fabrics are widely used in different elements in home interior designs. From the drapes to furniture, you will find them almost everywhere. Make sure you do not rush when choosing fabrics for your home. They will hugely impact your comfort level and the look of your room. This is why it is important to carefully select the fabrics. There are various options available in the market. Each fibre has a different set of properties that differentiate it from the rest of the options. You must make a decision very carefully depending on your lifestyle, preferences, and comfort.

To make the right decision when choosing soft home furnishings, you will have to know about the different fabrics available in the market and their advantages and disadvantages. Mentioned below are all the necessary details available about the most popular soft home furnishings you can consider for your home:

01 of 05 Cotton

If you are thinking about choosing fabrics for your home, cotton is one of the first options that come to mind. It is surely one of the best options you can consider for your home. This fabric is widely used for home furnishing across the world. One of the biggest reasons behind its popularity is that it is a versatile material and can be found in many different weights. From drapes and blinds to bedding, cotton can be used almost everywhere. Also, cotton is a durable material and will not get damaged when ironed. However, it can get wrinkled easily.

The price of cotton is approximately ₹50 per mtr. People looking for affordable options can choose cotton for their home furnishing.

02 of 05 Linen

Do you want a neat and comfortable option? Consider choosing linens. You can easily find this fabric in different weights and textures. Hence, you can use it to add more textures and visual interiors to any room design. Moreover, it is a great choice if you stay very busy and do not have a lot of time for maintenance. This is a durable fabric. You can easily give a very opulent feel to home interiors with this fabric. However, this fabric creases like cotton and is not a great option for your seating furniture pieces like sofas or chairs. You can use linen for your bedding, pillow or cushion covers, napkins, etc.

This fabric can cost up to ₹400 per mtr. Hence, this is not a great option if you are looking for affordable options.

03 of 05 Suede

If you want to add more textures to your home interior designs, opting for suede is a great idea. This is a great option if you want to make your home decor more opulent and luxurious. Suede is made using the underside of animal skin. It is given a brushed finish and you can feel the fibres moving when touched. You can create more visual interest in any space using it. However, if you are of those people who avoid using animal-sourced materials, suede silk and suede cotton are two popular options you can consider. Also, this is a durable material and does not crease easily. You can use it for upholstering your sofas, couches, chairs, and headboards.

Although this is not considered a budget-friendly option, it costs less than linen. It costs around ₹150 per mtr.

04 of 05 Silk

When you are confused, you can always go with silk for your home decor. It is certainly one of the most popular options used by experts for home furnishing. You can use this fabric to give your home interior design a very luxurious and elegant look. Also, this material is hypoallergenic. Hence, it is one of the best options you can choose if you have family members with allergies. Its shiny finish adds to the aesthetic beauty of the home interiors as well. However, you must always remember that silk requires a lot of maintenance before choosing. Even if itis exposed to sunlight for some time, its colour will start fading. This is why you must always use it where direct sunlight cannot reach. Lampshades, cushion covers, and your bedding are a few places you can use it.

One of the biggest drawbacks of silk is that it is very expensive. It will cost you around ₹450 per mtr. This is not the ideal option if you have a low budget.

05 of 05 Velvet

Velvet is another popular option used by homeowners who want a luxe feel indoors. You can use this fabric to make any space more comfortable and welcoming. Also, it has a plush feel that helps to add more textures to the space. You can consider switching a few regular chairs from your dining space with chairs featuring velvet upholstery. To create an appealing look, you can pair this fabric with gold accents as well. This fabric is popularly used in chairs, sofas, and headboards. It will cost you around ₹110 per mtr.

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