Guacamole With My Cuisinart Food Processor

Guacamole With My Cuisinart Food Processor


Guacamole is my specialty in my family, so for every holiday and any other kind of family gathering, it’s just expected that it’ll be part of the menu. I used to make it all by hand, but as our family grew over the years, that got to be really tough.

I’d learned that making my guacamole would be so much easier if I did it all in my Cuisinart food processor. Overall, it was much less of a mess and it saved me from a lot of the unpleasantness of cutting some things up by hand. No longer was I crying while chopping up the onions, and I didn’t burn my hands while I cut up the jalapenos.

I don’t know why I never thought of this before. I was able to whip up large batches of guacamole in no time. We often used to run out of it part way through events in years prior, but now I had no worries about that happening whatsoever.

After a few years of making my guacamole this way, I realized that my blades weren’t cutting as well as they once did. Inevitably, they had become dull from years of use. I was worried that I’d have to purchase a whole new food processor, but when I did some research I realized that I was in luck.

I found Kitchen Works Inc, where they sell authentic Cuisinart-dfp-14 parts. I ordered myself a replacement for each blade that I typically used, and everything was ready to go for my next family get together. I now have the site bookmarked, because they will be my go to in the future if or when I need something else replaced.

I was so relieved when I had everything I needed to continue my guacamole making. I just couldn’t imagine having to do it all by hand again. It’s such a long and tedious process. By doing it this way, I save so much time, I can make so much more, and I’m not exhausted at the actual event.

At my last event, I actually made so much that we had some left over after the party, which is not a regular occurrence. Both of my kids and their families were able to take the leftovers home, and they were really quite happy about that.

Anything that is able to be made in a food processor rather than by hand, I recommend that people do that instead. It just makes things so much easier in terms of how much can be made, time saving, and the process of cleaning up. It’s really a wonderful tool for anyone’s kitchen.

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