Deploy Web Accessibility Instantly with a Reliable AI Accessibility Overlay Tool


Businesses both large and small are under a legal obligation to make their sites accessible to all users, including those with a physical disability. In the USA, there are multiple people with some sort of physical disability, and a handful of websites are accessible to them. Websites need to legally comply with ADA and WCAG guidelines for accessibility to users, or else they face penalties in the form of fines and can even be subject to litigation as well.

How does the AI accessibility overlay help?

As per statistics released by the CDC, 25% of the population in America lives with some sort of physical disability. This holds true not only from an ethical perspective but also from the point of view of traffic. Most websites for a company cannot afford such a huge segment of potential visitors and sales opportunities for their businesses.

In order to meet these ethical standards of accessibility, many nations across the world have introduced legislation as a mandate for these sites to meet specific accessibility requirements, or else they will face hefty fines. The issue lies for smaller businesses as they lack the technical know-how and experience to fix site accessibility issues. They do not have sufficient financial and in-house site development resources to deal with them. So, they often face compliance issues as well.

How do accessibility overlays work for your business site?

This tool is ideal for a business that cannot afford development costs. This is where a credible accessibility overlay helps them to resolve the problem. overlay is an automated application that makes changes to the site to enhance its accessibility. The tool sits on the top of the site’s base code without interfering with the source code. There are no risks about changes to the code, and businesses get the reassurance they need that the present code will not be broken.

Check the features of accessibility overlays before you invest in them

When it comes to choosing the proper accessibility overlay for your business, there are several service providers in the market for you to choose from. However, all accessibility overlays are not created the same way. They share a common goal of fixing accessibility issues on your site, but their features differ.

Reasons for you to choose an overlay with artificial intelligence over a generic plugin

Accessibility overlays infused with artificial intelligence are better than their generic counterparts. They are better at detecting accessibility issues on your site and making adjustments to the site’s content. Since they have advanced technologies, they are designed for the future needs of your business as well. Relying on them for your site accessibility requirements is a wise choice for every business.

As a business owner, you have the digital as well as the moral responsibility to make your site accessible to everyone, including people with physical disabilities of all sorts. An AI-infused accessibility overlay is your best tool to improve the quality of your site and establish your reputation in the market with success!

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