How the Amazon Best Sellers Rank Works

How the Amazon Best Sellers Rank Works


Amazon is regarded as one of the best selling online stores that sell millions of products. This huge e-commerce market is viewed as the largest marketplace in the world. Every day millions of people buy their favorite products from this store.

 Amazon has been working since 2005 and has an excellent record of providing high-quality products. They provide products based on their performance and reputation. There are two ways that the best sellers list is created. These two methods are based on the customers’ feedback to the company.

 One is the “Customer Reviews” method

It is the second most popular way to sell the product. In this method, the company collects reviews from all the customers using their services. After collecting all the reviews, the company gives a score for each product based on those reviews. Then the company sorts these scores and ranks the products based on that. You can just visit to know better.

The second method is called “Similar Products.”

In this method, the company collects information about all the products sold on Amazon. They compare these products based on their specifications and then rank them according to the criteria set by the company.

The third method is called “Product Performance.”

This method takes care of the new products introduced on the website and the old products that have been recently launched.Amazon has an algorithm used to create the list of best sellers. It consists of variables like product quality, price, and product reviews.

So, these three parameters are considered before the list is created. However, there are a few things that the company can’t think about, and the first thing is the customer reviews.If the reviews are not good, they won’t be able to take those reviews into account while ranking the products.

This is because the company desires to keep the user experience high on its website. So, if a customer has given the product a bad review, he may or may not return to the website.

Checkout factors

If you are new to the Amazon business, you must know that the checkout factors play a crucial role in raising or lowering the best seller ranking.

 If you don’t have a suitable payment method, the Amazon bestseller ranking will be below. If you have a convenient payment method, the bestseller ranking will be high. You can check out different payment methods at Amazon.

 Increase the product page views

You should always increase the page views to raise the bestseller ranking. If you don’t have a large audience for your product, it will be hard to get the bestseller ranking. So, to increase your audience, you should do some social media marketing and make your products viral by using effective ways.


All these methods are the best ways to create the bestseller list, but you must know that the final decision lies in your hand. You need to take the help of these tips to get the best results. I am sure that these methods will work for you and get the best results.

So, you don’t need to worry about how you rank the products. Just try the tips and make your online shopping life enjoyable.

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