Check Shirt Trends That Are Dominating The Global Fashion Industry In 2022

Check Shirt Trends That Are Dominating The Global Fashion Industry In 2022


Check shirts have been in a man’s wardrobe for decades now, turning into a staple item in each closet. With hundreds of ways to style a check shirt, these shirts have been a huge part of modern fashion for men. These shirts are effortless to pull off and are extremely comfortable to wear. Furthermore, very few items of clothing can be worn all year round, and check shirts are one of them.

To boost your sense of style and fashion this year you need some tips about how to style your branded check shirt. Here are the forecasted trends when it comes to styling your check shirts:

  • Street style:

Casual hip clothing is back this year, with many celebrities and artists continuing the never-dying glory of streetwear. Wearing your heck shirt open with either black or a white tee underneath is the safest choice for styling check shirts. Pairing your shirt with accessories like a beanie or a cap could also add to the street attire.

  • Layering with jackets:

From puffer jackets to windcheaters, a bright checkered shirt goes well with anything. Brightly coloured check shirts for men add vibrance and a sense of joy to your look and make you look younger and more approachable.

  • Waistcoat:

For decades the mark of a true gentleman is related to waistcoats. Layering them with branded check shirts can never go wrong. Keeping the colour of your waistcoat dark and solid, a patterned shirt could be the missing piece in your outfit. Adding contrasting pants to the upper body look would make your fit complete, adding elegance to your attire.

  • Suspenders:

Suspenders are known to add a sense of sophistication to your outfit. Suspenders add style and sophistication to your outfit when mixed with checkered shirts. The resulting look is perfect for corporate workspaces and a professional look.

  • Sweaters:

Checkered shirts with a sweater are the textbook definition of keeping it simple. Simple is back in fashion for 2022 the sleek look of the checkered shirt’s collar is expected to make a comeback in fashion trends.

  • Baggy jeans:

The ever so rugged look with the pair of baggy jeans and an oversized check shirt for men screams masculine. The countryside look can bring life back into your wardrobe by stirring up things.

  • Bow tie:

Adding a bow tie around your collar and not folding the sleeves of your shirt is the nerdy yet sexy look that you need to try in 2022. Keeping the trousers simple and basic to make your shirt come alive is a pro tip you need to remember when going with a bow tie look.

Check shirts for men have a history of redefining fashion in a new and unique way every season. Going well with almost any other clothing item and being especially easy to layer are some of the reasons why we love check shirts so much. This year we are bringing simplicity back into fashion and we are sure to see a lot of branded check shirts this fashion season.

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