Aluminium Extrusion in Window Frames

Aluminium Extrusion in Window Frames


One of the most significant impacts of extruded aluminium has been the manufacture of millions of window frames for both ordinary homes and innovative building projects such as the Shard or Gherkin in London. But why are window frames of extruded aluminium so favoured by architects and builders?

Excellent Performance

Aluminium is a remarkable metal and useful in interior designer. Lightweight and easy to work during manufacture it delivers long-lasting reassurance for any building project. Its in-built resistance to corrosion is ideal for a low-maintenance regime particularly in tower blocks where access might be restricted. Aluminium window frames can be produced in a range of colours that will never fade. Designers can install window frames of extruded aluminium with confidence, knowing that their creations will still be in a perfect condition many decades from completion. Homeowners can replace rotting, wooden window frames with aluminium and be sure that their investment will bring lasting results.

Outstanding Strength

When comparing the weight to strength ratios of different metals, aluminium offers another outstanding performance. Strong and reliable, the light weight of the metal makes window frames of aluminium extrusions easy to handle during installation. Its robust, flexible properties ensure that frames of aluminium can withstand external pressures and weather conditions to remain free from distortion. Lightweight window frames of extruded aluminium also offer remarkable strength when designed to hold the weight of large panes of double or triple glazing.

Complex Design Capabilities

Aluminium extrusions are created by a process that offers outstanding versatility in creating designs with complex cross-sectional profiles to accommodate single, double or triple glazing in one easy to install frame. Aluminium is suitable for any type of window frame design from single pane fixed designs to casement window frames with multiple opening panels. Awning windows that are hinged at the top and swing outwards are currently popular and are frequently used in roofs with loft conversions.


Aluminium is an inexpensive metal and the manufacture of aluminium extrusions is an efficient, cost-effective technique, such as aluminium sheets at Austral Wright Metals. . Various finishes including anodising are available to make every bespoke window frame project unique. The process of extruding aluminium enables batches of any quantity to be produced at speed reducing manufacturing costs. Using aluminium extrusions for window frames in any type of renovation or building project is convenient and economic. Edmo Limited have years of experience in manufacturing window frames from aluminium extrusions.

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