CBD Hemp Oil Vs CBD from Medical Marijuana

CBD Hemp Oil Vs CBD from Medical Marijuana


Today, if you ever want to gather knowledge about Cannabis Oil, you will find enormous data spread over the internet. The biggest reason behind countless knowledge is the increasing popularity and its wide scope for the human body. But when you dig into the information given, you always find two major herbs behind the evolution of CBD Oil i.e. hemp plant and marijuana.

Most of you are already aware of the marijuana plant, which is banned in many countries and is categorized under Schedule-I drugs. But hemp and marijuana both belong to the same family; however, they are different genetically. The Cannabis Oil or CBD is the component which is extracted from these plants and is nowadays being used for multiple ailments. Common problems being treated with CBD includes:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression & Stress
  • Insomnia
  • Chronic Pain
  • Inflammation
  • Skin rashes/Itching skin
  • Joint Pain
  • Boost immune system

and many more…

But as you know that CBD can be extracted from hemp plant as well as medical marijuana, how will it be different from each other and how can you distinguish them?

CBD Ratio in Hemp vs. Medical Marijuana: This is true that the amount of CBD in hemp plant is lower in amount, compared with the same amount of medical marijuana. But after the extraction process is complete, the difference between the amounts of CBD becomes almost negligible. In short, both the plants will derive almost the same count at the end.

Growth of Hemp vs. Medical Marijuana: Nowadays, when it comes to profit, the cultivators grow hemp plant much faster, allowing them to grow twice within one season. On the other hand, medical marijuana is specially grown for health benefits and is given an entire season for its growth. Hence medical marijuana has more potential CBD count in comparison to hemp plant.

NOTE: Use of harmful pesticides and fertilizers affect the crops as the hemp plant and medical marijuana are bioaccumulator. They have the capability to retain contamination within, which can be dangerous for the users.

Hemp vs. Medical Marijuana Extraction Process: When you are buying quality CBD product, you should note that both the plants undergo the same extraction process. The Supercritical CO2 process is recommended by the FDA and is generally used to get high-quality CBD. Hence no such difference present in terms of their extraction process. However, you need to verify the seller’s license as some fake sellers use unhygienic extraction process and deliver harmful/fake products.

CBD on the basis of Molecular Level: Digging more into the molecular level of CBD in both the plant, it is found that there is no difference at all. In short, when you are taking CBD products, your body never distinguishes it on the basis of its origin. What it receives is the benefit.

So, these are some information about CBD that you should know and also share with others. The most important point to note is, you should always have a small dose of CBD in your routine as an overdose may cause a negative impact on your body.

Curious about how long CBD stays in your system? how long does cbd stay in your system The duration of CBD's presence in the body can vary depending on several factors. From metabolism to dosage and frequency of use, understanding the timeframe is essential for informed decision-making.

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