What Luminaires to choose for the living room?

What Luminaires to choose for the living room?


The living room is an ideal room for a wide range of lighting. Do not be afraid to experiment, light can work wonders. To make the most of the lights in the living room, remember to consider the size of the room, the color of the walls, carpets or floors and the design and number of windows. Often, the living room is associated with the kitchen, so it is necessary to combine the lighting in both areas.

For Lower Ceilings – Ceiling Lamps

A key part of each living room is a pendant or ceiling lamp you can buy these easily from “Rovert Electrical and Lighting”. If you have a smaller living room and low ceilings, we recommend a ceiling or surface mounted ceiling lamp. They give enough scattered light and make the room optically larger. Some surface-mounted lights are remotely controlled and can be configured with different colored lights.

In the case of a large living room with a higher ceiling, the chandeliers are more suitable. They will look beautiful in the center of the room or above the conference table. And which living room lamps are the most suitable? It depends on your taste, but it is also good to remember the general appearance of the living room, in short, that the light adapts to the interior and even elevates it. So, if you have a living room furnished in an old-style, we recommend rustic lamps, rattan lamps or stained glass lamps. If you prefer modern, designer pendant lamps are a good option. And for luxury lovers: glass pendant lamps. 

Recessed luminaires for the atmosphere

For larger rooms, Rovert Electrical and Lighting recommended you spotlights. They are interested in their appearance and the advantage is that some have the airship light, so that it has no darkness anywhere. To create a pleasant atmosphere and illuminate the interior, the recessed luminaires are used. It is often recessed LED luminaires, so its operation is very economical, but inside it can do great wonders. 

As in the kitchen, the lighting in the room is not enough with a single luminaire. What other lights in the room are suitable? For rest on the sofa, we recommend floor lamps. Its selection is very wide, some can be dimmed or changed color. You can also buy lamp feet and for them choose the screens according to your taste. Another type of lighting in the living room is table lamps, especially useful if you have a work corner in your living room.

Tapes around LED TVs

In most homes, there is a TV in the living room and it is also good to have a light next to it. The great contrast between the dark environment and the brightness of the screen bothers the eyes. And what kind of light is right next to the TV? We can recommend a floor or table lamp. The light mustn’t be reflected on the TV screen. The LED lighting is now very popular, for example, LED tapes, some of which can be dimmed. Choose those with a maximum power of 40 W and with warm light.

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