Small Bedroom Ideas to Maximize Style In Compact Space

Small Bedroom Ideas to Maximize Style In Compact Space


Small bedrooms are a wonderful cozy space in any house. They make it an ideal room for the guests, a fun hideaway for kids, or a space to enjoy your me time. One of the only major issues that arises is the space crunch. More often than not, the majority of the space is taken by the bed as the centerpiece with no area left to fit anything else. However, with the range of savvy ideas and compact furniture designs, using a compact room to fit it all has become a little easier task than before.

Here are some of the small bedroom ideas you should consider to maximize your style even in the tiniest space.

1. Using the wall behind the bed for cupboard:

If you have a tiny room, never waste the wall behind the bed. Instead, you can use it as a small wardrobe wall to the ceiling. It adds as a headboard space and doesn’t make it look cluttered while giving ample storage options. This makes it one of the best cupboard designs for a small bedroom. Keeping it light, minimalistic and simply makes the bedroom spacious and stands out. 

2. Build in vanity unit:

To ensure a small bedroom to remain clutter-free, having a built-in dressing table is like shutting away the view giving a streamlined look. You can include your make-up trinkets and other useful things you need on a daily basis. You can accentuate this built- in vanity unit with a decorative window that acts as a wall beautification. 

3. Use multifunctional furniture with storage:

When space is premium, multifunctional furniture comes in handy. Look for the pieces that double up, have storage space like a bedside storage ottoman that can be used as a seat and an ideal place to keep blankets, layers, bedsheets or extra cushions. Thus, it creates clutter-free space while contributing to the small bedroom in making it feel bigger.

4. Utilize all unusable corners:

When you have limited space, using every unused space smartly is vital. Any visible items will make the small bedroom overcrowded, thus, making the space look even smaller. Thus, using the unusable spaces like the area below the staircase, the space below the bed, etc. can be used to store things. 

5. Make use of bed headboard:

When there is a space short supply, ditching the usual headboard for a storage headboard is the right way to design your bed headboard. This means you can even do away with bedside tables as you will have enough storage to stash bedtime reading, utilities, etc. on it. Thus, you get two-in-one furniture where you can even install lamps to accentuate the room. 

6. Use of build in alcoves as side table:

If you have alcoves or awkward space next to your bed as a part of architecture, make best use of them by creating storage solutions. You can make it a run of open shelves with cupboards below. These shelves are so handy that you can even ditch the bed table. They make an ideal place for housing books, vanity products, or showpieces you wish to display.

7. Wall-mount the lights:

When you have a compact space and a bedside table, you can free-up some needed space by not placing the lamp but wall-mounting it. Using the walls allows you to enhance the layout beautifully while keeping the side space available for other necessary items.

These are some of the smart ideas you can use to make it appear larger without overwhelming the bedroom space. So the next time you plan to renovate your small bedroom or create from scratch, keep these ideas handy.

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