Online Shopping Tips When You’re Looking For Runner Rugs!

Online Shopping Tips When You’re Looking For Runner Rugs!


Runner rugs are important for every home’s hallways and narrow spaces, and today people are placing runners in bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and even outdoor areas.

Runner rugs simply are becoming more versatile in recent years, which is why online shoppers are searching for these rug styles more and more in 2023. One of the best places to find runner rugs online is Rug Source, Inc. based in Charlotte, and Rug Source runner rugs are now considered to be the best in the industry in terms of quality and affordability.

So below we’ll be going over some important online shopping tips to help you find the runner rugs of your dreams!

How Large Should Runner Rugs Be Within Your Home’s Hallways?

 Although most runner rugs will generally come in the same rectangular shape, there’s a ton of variation in terms of dimensions. When it comes to finding the right sized runner rug for your home’s hallways, you’ll have to consider the unique dimensions of your space.

One thing to keep in mind is that your runner rug’s width should leave about 5-6 inches of space between your walls, because this will provide better aesthetics. Your runner rugs should also always be flush with any adjacent doorways, because you’ll want to be able to step onto it and not have it curl up every time you open your doors.

But finding the right rug fit for your hallways should mostly be about functionality, and not necessarily style. Runner rugs are meant to provide more comfortable walkability and floor coverage, and these rugs are also meant to protect your flooring/carpeting.

What Are The Different Runner Rug Styles You Should Consider?

Runner rugs come in all sorts of different styles these days, and deciding which style is best for you and your home will largely depend upon your flooring, architectural parameters, and existing home décor.

Some of the most popular runner rug styles include Oriental/Persian, contemporary/modern, cabin-style, and more traditional styles. Because there are so many different runner rug styles to ultimately choose from, you’re going to be better off understanding your preferred style prior to your shopping.

A lot of people don’t think their hallways and narrow spaces are important when it comes to interior design, but you’ll likely change your mind about these spaces once you start investing in runner rugs!

What Should You Consider When Shopping For Patterned Runner Rugs?

Your narrow spaces and hallways don’t have to be bland from a décor standpoint, because runner rugs can spice up these areas and provide more visual interest for both you and your guests.

Once you’ve figured out what rug styles you like, you’ll then need to hone in on the patterns you’re most interested in. Geometric and striped patterns are very popular with runner rugs, because they provide a modern twist on spaces that don’t seem all that interesting at first glance.

Floral and Oriental patterns are also wildly popular with runner rugs, and you’ll have plenty of options to choose from when it comes to gravitating towards more vintage for bohemian aesthetics.

And it’s also important to remember that the overall scale of your runner rug’s patterns is another consideration, because narrow spaces will require certain design scales to maintain aesthetics.

What Are The Best Runner Rug Colors?

You’ll always have to work with what you’ve got going on throughout your home when it comes to choosing runner rug colors, because there are all sorts of factors that come into play for this online shopping consideration.

Many people prefer more neutral colors for their runner rugs, including gray, beige and white; however, there are also countless other runner rugs out there that come in more vibrant colors. A lot of times people will choose brighter runner rugs when they know the hallway or narrow space doesn’t receive much natural light, and they’ll choose neutral colors when the space receives an ample amount of natural light.

One important tip to keep in mind is that your runner rug’s colors should do a good job at hiding the wear and tear that the rug will inevitably experience.

Reach Out To The Experts To Learn More About Rug Source Runner Rugs!

If you’re in the market for new runner rugs at your home or business, then online shopping will likely be the most convenient and affordable way to purchase your new area rugs.

The Rug Source experts are always available to answer questions about runner rugs, and you can see their vast runner rug inventory by going through the hyperlink at the top of this page!

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