Online Advertising Platforms – Cost-Effective Ways To Enhance Your Clientele Base

Online Advertising Platforms – Cost-Effective Ways To Enhance Your Clientele Base


Without advertisements, it is difficult for a business to flourish. Whether it is a small local signboard or a big-budget television advertisement, you need to invest in the marketing of their brand and product lines if you want to expand your client base and make good profits.

As the world is getting more and more connected through various forms of social media platforms, many business owners have found this as an opportunity to expand their reach to more and more people across the globe. Many digital tools have made digital marketing very easy and successful even for small business owners.

If you are looking for professional help to run an ad campaign for your company at a low cost, you can partner with Australian Internet Advertising to get faster results from your advertisements even if you have a low budget to start with. They make strategies based on your niche industry and target audience to promote your ad campaign at various online advertising platforms.

Benefits of advertising online

It is easy to track the performance of online ads and if they are not giving results, you can take it offline with a few clicks.

Online ads can be launched with minimal investments and still get you good results.

You can easily select your target audience based on your niche industry, interests, and geographical location.

Types of Cost-effective online ad strategies

1. Search engine advertisements:

Keyword-based search engine advertisements that appear on search engine results and drive organic traffic to your websites.

It is usually the platform that is used by most new business owners to enter into the world of digital marketing.

It is usually a pay-per-click ad and is very cost-effective.

You get only 4 lines of text to reach your audience and thus creating it strategically is very important.

2. Social media advertisements:

Social media ad campaigns are placed on platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Social media platforms have billions of users active at any point in time and thus provide the opportunity of a very large audience reach.

There are many marketing tools, ad formats, and ad placements options that are available to make your work in creating a successful advertisement easily.

It also allows narrowing down of your target audience based on specific intents and objectives.

Tracking these ads is very easy as Facebook provides detailed performance metrics of all your ads that are running on its platform.

You can set a daily budget to ensure that your money is not getting wiped away on an ad that is not providing you results.

3. Email advertisements:

These ads are a good way to send offers, and deals to customers who have already signed for your newsletters.

It is also a very good way to communicate with your clients, answer their queries, and giving them a response to their feedback.

It is also a medium to share newsletters, but we must not do it very frequently to avoid getting into the spam list of our target customers.

4. Remarketing ads:

You can target your previous customers or those who have visited your website with remarketing ads according to their placement in the marketing funnel.

5. Mobile marketing:

Most people access Google or social media websites through their smartphones.

People download apps on their phones that are also a source of exhibiting advertisements.

Therefore, making mobile-friendly advertisement strategies is crucial to succeeding in the digital market world today.

Adding a strong call-to-action button to your mobile advertisement is very important to allow people to find the correct landing page if you are selling a product line or service.

There are also other formats like video or image-based display ads that are placed on Google Display Networks based on your industry and target audience and audio ads that are placed on platforms such as Spotify.

When it comes to online advertisements, creating valuable content, adding target keywords, and ensuring that you have a clickable call-to-action button that leads the visitors to a specifically designed landing page is important in all formats of online ad campaigns. All these factors improve the quality score and ranking of your ads and give you a better of reaching maximum people and getting better conversions.

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