Monthly Postpaid Plans That Offer Excellent Value For Money

Monthly Postpaid Plans That Offer Excellent Value For Money


In India, Airtel postpaid plans range from Rs 399 to Rs 1,599. All of the options include 100 daily SMS and unlimited calls. A data rollover advantage of up to 200GB is also available. Several of the postpaid plans from Airtel include family member add-on connections. Airtel postpaid plans are affordable, and it is also convenient for  postpaid bill payments. With The Airtel Thanks App, you can make online bill payments and avail of exciting offers on your phone plans. Let’s look at the price, features, and validity of the best Airtel postpaid plans in India.

Airtel’s postpaid plan for Rs 399

The cheapest postpaid package comes from Airtel, priced at Rs 399, and includes 40GB of data per month at 3G or 4G speeds. You also receive 100 SMS each day and unlimited domestic calling to all networks. Not only that, you get a data rollover feature with a six-month validity period.

Airtel’s postpaid plan for Rs 499

In addition to unlimited calling and 100 SMS per day, the Rs 499 Airtel postpaid package includes 75GB of internet monthly. You will receive a free annual subscription to Disney+ Hotstar Mobile and Amazon Prime. All plans over Rs 499 additionally benefit from priority service, enhanced indoor coverage with Vo-Wifi, and free SIM delivery in a few cities.

Airtel’s postpaid plan for Rs 999

If you’re looking for Airtel postpaid family plans, the Rs 999 Family postpaid plan comes with two free add-ons and 150GB of high-speed internet. A 30GB data allowance will be provided for each add-on connection. You can avail advantages such as a one-year membership to Amazon Prime, a one-year subscription to Disney+ Hotstar Mobile, handset protection, Airtel X-stream Premium, and Wynk Premium.

Airtel’s postpaid plan for Rs 1,199

This Airtel postpaid plan with a Netflix membership is the most economical one. It provides 150GB of data, unlimited talking, and 100 SMS messages each day. You will receive 1 normal plus 2 family add-ons with unlimited calling with this package. The plan also grants access to Amazon Prime, Disney+ Hotstar, and Airtel Xstream in addition to Netflix. Handset protection is also included in the plan.

Airtel’s postpaid plan for Rs 1,599

This is Airtel’s premium postpaid package, featuring 240GB of internet, unlimited calling, and 100 SMS each day. The plan offers perks like a free subscription to Amazon Prime, Disney+ Hotstar, and Airtel Xstream in addition to Netflix. Handset protection.

How to make Postpaid Bill Payment through Airtel Payments Bank?

With the help of Airtel Payments Bank, you can pay postpaid bills online. There are two ways to make your Airtel bill payment. The steps for the same are mentioned below. 

Online Postpaid Bill Pay via Website

  • Go to
  • Submit your mobile number.
  • Decide on an Operator.
  • Submit the Amount
  • Then select “Fetch Bill.”
  • Choose “Pay Now”
  • Use your registered mobile number and mPIN to log in securely.
  • choosing a method of payment
  • Finish the payment process.

Online Postpaid Bill Pay via App

Log in to the Airtel Thanks app.

Select “Mobile” under the “Pay Bills” menu.

Enter your name or phone number.

Click “Pay Now” after selecting Operator.

Enter the appropriate amount and choose your preferred payment method.

Provide the OTP sent to your phone.

Complete the mobile bill payment online.

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