Make LIC Online Payment in Hassle Free and Effortless Manner

Make LIC Online Payment in Hassle Free and Effortless Manner


As known by everyone, LIC (Life Insurance Corporation) is the most trusted and leading name among the insurance companies in India. Headquartered in Mumbai, this is a state-owned company as well as an investment company. According to stats, this company is having shares worth ₹2.35 lakh crore in the Nifty companies. With professionalism and better insurance policy, it has acquired a long customer base.

With a life insurance policy, one can get financial security for fulfilling various long-term goals. Right from life coverage to pension, there’s a long list of insurance policies that can help you to live a tension free life. With the timely payment of premiums, you can enjoy the benefits of LIC policies in a hassle-free manner.

Earlier, payment of insurance premium was done only through the branch. But today, making the payment of premiums through offline mode or by visiting the branch is a hectic task. Along with this, you’ll have to waste your time standing the queue and waiting for your turn. Thanks to technology, it is now possible to make LIC online payment through different online platforms such as PayTm, MobiKwik,Digital signature online and many more.  All you need for premium payment is a laptop or a Smartphone and internet connection.

Benefits of Making the Payment Online

Online payment portals have made life easy and prompt. With a few clicks, you’ll be able to make the payment of premiums without physically going anywhere. There’s a long list of benefits that are associated with making the online payment of the LIC premiums. Some of the important benefits of online payment of LIC premiums are listed below:

Saves times: With the facility of online payment of premiums, you don’t have to worry about taking half day leave from your office for paying the premiums. Online portals allow you to make the LIC premium payment in a few seconds right from the comfort of your office or home which will ultimately help you in saving a lot of time of yours.
Anytime and anywhere: Another important benefit that people can have with the use of the online payment procedure is paying the premium) s anytime and from anywhere. No matter whether you’re traveling or spending a holiday in your home, you can easily pay the premiums of LIC via online platforms.
Assured of refund of payment: There are times when the premium payment transaction gets failed. This mainly happens because of internet connectivity issue or some technical error related with bank server. The best thing about LIC online payment through online portals is that you’ll get the amount refunding in a few working days.
A Safe And Secure Way Of Payment

LIC premiums payment was never swift and simple this way.  Along with ease of payment, online payment procedure also ensures safe and secured payment of premiums. LIC online payment of premiums through online platforms such as Paytm, mobikwik and many others is done by payment gateway that ensures a safe transaction.

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