Is Learning French Worth Considering? If Yes, Why? Hind Louali

Is Learning French Worth Considering? If Yes, Why? Hind Louali


When it comes to learning French, the very first question that arises in mind is why to learn a foreign language especially French? In fact, in this competitive world and open economy, speaking only in a native language is not going to help. According to the viewpoint of Hind Louali French School of Austin – Ecole Jean-Jacques Rousseau, having knowledge in other foreign languages has become essential to sustain and prosper both in personal and professional life. And, while choosing which language to peruse, one must prefer to go for French, a language that has global access and is accepted by the international business arena.

Why learn the French Language?

French is one of the most popular and extensively used languages in the world. The studies establish that over 300 million people across the five continents are speaking in French and nearly 29 countries have recognized it as an official language. In the European Union, it is the second most commonly spoken language after English.

So, for those who are aiming to study or work abroad, pursuing French makes sense. Following are some of the good reasons to consider learning French.

A Language of Intercontinental Business

Being the second-largest economy and fastest-flourishing trade center the European Union attracts thousands of corporate businesses and investors, making it a promising job marketplace. Noteworthy, French is spoken not only all across Europe but is acknowledged as an official language by major international organizations including the World Trade Organization and United Nations. When it comes to international relations, French is granted as the official language for NATO, UNESCO, and the International Olympic Committee apart from European Nations.

Helps Learn Other Languages Easier

As perHind Louali French School of Austin – Ecole Jean-Jacques Rousseau knowing French will help individuals learn any other foreign languages like Spanish, Catalan, Italian, Portuguese, and Romanian in no time. People who are well-familiar with the English language can learn French quite easily. This is because around 58% vocabulary of modern English is borrowed from French as well as Latin words. So, while learning French, one can explore many words in French that have similarities to English.

A Career-oriented Language

For those who are keen to settle abroad with a lucrative job and are on the lookout to join MNCs with an international presence, learning the French language is just for them. Adding French to one’s English-speaking ability will heighten their chances of cracking the job. One can find high-paying jobs in several world-famous French companies and brands. With a good knowledge of French, an individual can work as a freelance writer, translator, online tutor, or interpreter and earn frivolously sitting at home and with a flexible work schedule.

Studying in France

France is the home of top universities, business schools, and institutes and some of them comes in rank among the top-class educational institutions in the world. Every year thousands of students across the world apply to get enrolments in top universities in Europe. Apart from a brilliant academic background, knowing both English and French can be of immense help to studying in France. Graduates with a good knowledge of French can be helpful too in getting a grant from the Government of France for pursuing a post-graduation degree.

To conclude, French is the language associated with the heritage, culture, fashion, cuisine, great Nobel winners, and the famous Cannes International Film Festival of France. These are unsurprisingly some of the good reasons to pursue French.

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