Darshan’s Kaatera Streaming Exclusively On ZEE5 Global on February 9

Darshan’s Kaatera Streaming Exclusively On ZEE5 Global on February 9


Directed by the esteemed Tharun Sudhir, Kaatera narrates a story drawn from the real incidents that took place in a Karnataka village. The film boasts a talented ensemble cast, including Darshan, Jagapathi Babu, Aradhana Ram, Shruti, and Vinod Kumar Alva in significant roles. Rockline Venkatesh, the producer, presented this cinematic creation under his production house, Rockline Entertainment, with the film hitting the screens on December 29, 2023.

Recently, the creators joyfully announced that the Kannada flick surpassed the ₹200-crore milestone at the box office, with an impressive one crore tickets sold. Gundanna, a veteran film distributor from Mysuru, notes, “Women are watching the movie in good numbers, and that’s a sign of a blockbuster family entertainer.” The visuals of people in rural towns utilizing tractors and bullock carts to attend screenings have delighted Darshan’s fans, who eagerly anticipate the star’s ability to entertain diverse age groups. Gundanna reflects on the continuous rush for the action drama, drawing parallels to the dream run of iconic films like Rajkumar’s BangaradaManushya (1972) and Shankar Guru (1972).”

What is the movie about?

In the village of Bheemanahalli, our blacksmith extraordinaire, a blacksmith sets on a wild adventure juggling challenges to aid local farmers in pulling off the Land Reforms Act. This legal escapade is their ticket to freedom from the clutches of the feudal landlords, Devaraya and Kaalegowda. Kaatera, the hero in his iron-clad tale, forges ahead in this offbeat quest for rural liberation!

Movie cast

The film represents the third directorial project from the accomplished actor Tharun Sudhir, marking his second collaboration with Darshan following their joint effort on the 2021 film “Roberrt.” The ensemble cast of the Kannada movie features Darshan as Kaatera, Aradhana Ram as Prabhavath, Jagapathi Babu as Devaraya, Kumar Govind as Mahadevanna, Vinod Kumar Alva as Kaalegowda, Shruti as Kumari, VaijanathBiradar as Chongla, Danish Akhtar Saifi, Padma Vasanthi, Master Rohit as Puttaraju, Avinash as Shanubogha, Ravi Chethan as Maara and Shweta Prasad as Reena D’Souza among others.

Theatrical rollout

Drawing inspiration from a true event that unfolded in a 1970s Karnataka village, the film was brought to life through filming in diverse locales spanning Bengaluru and Hyderabad. The cinematic gem made its debut on December 29, 2023, earning accolades from critics and securing its place among the top-grossing Kannada action movies of the year. The film had an extraordinary run-in theater, emerging as a commercial success at the box office.

IMDb rating

At the time of its release, the film proudly claimed the spot as the seventh highest-grossing Kannada film, solidifying its impact on the cinematic landscape. The action-drama movie received an IMDb rating of 8.3 out of 10.

Watch Kaatera Movie Online on ZEE5 Global

The movie garnered an impressive total of Rs 104 crore, solidifying its status as one of the most successful Kannada films to date. Now, over a month since its theatrical debut, the Kannada sensation is ready to captivate a global audience as it premieres on the leading South Asian streaming platform. The film’s creators have officially announced that this action-packed entertainer will be available for streaming on ZEE5 Global starting on February 9, 2024.

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