How to Wear Different Panties With Different Outfits

How to Wear Different Panties With Different Outfits


It’s easy to see how your choice of panties and bras can make or break your outfit. Wear the right pair, and it can enhance your outfit like a dream. But if you put on the wrong pair, you can be left dealing with a visible panty line and even a wardrobe malfunction.

Just imagine the frustration that you may experience if your party look gets detracted due to a visible panty line!

To avoid such fashion disasters, you need to pair every outfit with the right panties.

We know it can be tricky to choose the perfect undies for your outfits, especially with so many fashion trends out there.

But breathe easy! We are here to guide you through the intricacies of wearing different panties with different outfits.

Read on to explore the secrets of selecting the right panties.

Low-Rise Bikini

Low-rise bikini bottoms are crafted to hug your lower waist. Your first inclination may be to flaunt them at the beach with nothing on top.

But you can wear them with several other low-rise bottom wear as well. Go for them when you are planning to step out in your favorite pair of low-slung jeans or a low-waist skirt.

If you opt for the seamless variety, you can also wear them with your yoga pants or bodycon dresses, with no worries about your panty line making an appearance.


Hipster panties are just what you need to cover your curvier behind. While these panties sit comfortably below your waistline, they are a bit less cheeky than several other low-rise panty styles.

This is what makes them a versatile choice for everyday wear.

Hipster panties pair up wonderfully well with low-rung outfits that hug your skin. They are also among the most comfortable undies, and you can wear them with your dancing outfit, fitted leggings, trousers, and equestrian breeches.

Full Brief

As the name suggests, full briefs are designed to sit high on your waist. So much so that they cover most of the lower belly, reaching up to the belly button.

You can never go wrong when pairing them with high-rise bottom wear, including high-waist pants and skirts. These high waist panties go well with dresses too and are ideal for lounging too.

What’s more, they minimize the risk of panty line look due to their full back coverage.

Additionally, their high wait design also helps to cinch the lower belly and flaunt a flattering shape.


Boyshorts are the feminine version of men’s boxers. That’s why they don’t feature the typical triangle shape that is common in women’s undies.

But they score high in terms of comfort and functionality.

You can pair up these versatile panties with almost anything. Right from fitted dresses to all-purpose jeans and even short skirts, boy shorts make the perfect match with all of them and more.

You can also wear them with tops or camisoles while lounging.


Thongs have a unique design. They are crafted to have a small triangle covering the front. These panties feature a minimum coverage at the back that can leave most parts of your bum uncovered.

Thongs are the perfect blend of style and comfort. But more than anything else, they make for a practical choice when you have to wear an extremely tight outfit, such as a bodycon dress.

With them on, you won’t have to worry about your panty outline becoming visible.

Brazilian Panty

Brazilian panties are a cross between a bikini and a thong. Thanks to their flirty design, they are always high on sensuality and make for fun and fashionable wear.

Whether you opt for a functional cotton piece or a lacy item, you can depend on them to keep you comfortable for extended hours. Brazilian panties match all kinds of outfits, including jeans, skirts, and dresses.

Seamless Panty

Seamless panties stand up to their name. They are designed to be seamless and have no elastic on the back. You can put on these panties confidently when you want to achieve a no-panty-line look.

Go for the seamless panties when you are up for physical activities in tight gym clothes or yoga pants. They also make a perfect pair with well-fitting outfits like pencil skirts or body-hugging dresses.

Bottom Line

Panties are called foundation garments for a reason. They can form the perfect base underneath your outfits. All you have to do is select the right style to match your outfits, and you can be good to go.

So, go ahead and say goodbye to the undesirable panty outline looks by making the right choices.

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