How to Shop the Right Pair of Jeans from a Black Friday Sale

How to Shop the Right Pair of Jeans from a Black Friday Sale


Along with Tech devices, gadgets, TVs, electronics, and kitchen appliances, there are black Friday discounts on almost all clothing brands, so now is the time to get that favorite pair of jeans. Since this is the biggest sale of the year, it is best to hit the stores when you are fully prepared.

Know Your Size

We often buy jeans that don’t fit us completely from everywhere and we end up wasting that pair and the pairs that come after. Well, maybe we’re not buying the right size. Jeans comes in different styles, all styles have different sizes, and there are often charts available to measure your perfect jeans. This time when you hit the stores, it is going to be chaotic and there are chances that you might end up buying the wrong pair of jeans again. So go through the size charts of different brands and make sure you know which size suits you. You can also go someday prior to the sales only to try on sizes that you think suit you, but don’t be so quick to do that, read along and find out what other things matter when you buy a pair of jeans.

Know Your Body Type

If you have good internet, do some research on YouTube and see body charts, which show you your body type, and which pants would suit you. However, if you happen to not have a good internet connection, we have just the right fix for you;wow internet deals come with unlimited data for you to do as much research as you want without worrying about limitations and speed issues. A few things that we can tell you about body types are getting the right color, shape and waist of the jeans. For example if you are petite and want to look taller, go for dark solid jeans that have the same color throughout, and it should be highwaisted, because highwaisted solid colored pants make you look taller if you are short. If you are skinny and tall, go for a lighter colored, mid-rise flared pair of jeans. Similarly, if you are a curvy person, get straight pants in darker colors. One more thing that is a minus point for short people is white washed pants that have a lighter color that cuts before the pant ends, which creates a look that makes your legs look even smaller. Those kinds of jeans are only good for you if you are very tall and want to look smaller than your usual self or they are a waste of money. If you want to look sleek and tall, always opt for solid coloredhigh waisted pants, and an extra pair of advice to look taller is to wear your shirts tucked in.

Placing of the pockets

This is something highly ignored when buying jeans, but is very important. We often by pants that fit us well but we look out of shape and weird when we wear them, which is because the pockets are not stitched and placed correctly on the pants. If you want to look gorgeous in your pants, always go for pockets that are placed just above where the leg starts and they should also not be very wide apart or close together. One more thing to keep in mind is to see if the pockets are too big or too small because believe it or not the placement of the pockets make a big difference in how you look. So, when you go shopping, keep a calm mind and make sure you get those pockets right according to your body type.

Placing of the Zip

Similar to the pockets, often when we get pants they make a very bad shape from the front as well, there seems to be no solution to fix it, and there goes the new pant that you might probably never wear. There is a very big reason why that bad shape form just below the zipper making you look awkward and that it the gap between the end of the inseam’s start and the zipper’s end. That gap should not be there and these days it nearly impossible to find a pair of jeans that gets their zip right. Well not to worry, just look for pants that have a longer zip and the ones that look old fashioned because the old fashioned pants always get their zips right.

Well, apart from this specific knowledge, there are plenty of technical tips and tricks that you should know before buying a pair of jeans that you never want to stop wearing. So, before hitting the overcrowded stores on the black Friday sale, do you research and find out exactly what you want and make sure you get the best quality jeans.

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