How To Pack Your Books for Moving

How To Pack Your Books for Moving

The one moment that book lovers get stressed is when they are planning to move. Most have hundreds of books that they love and want to preserve well. However, the move can be very easy and quick with the right strategy and planning. It’s essential to consider hiring a moving company such as Sandhills Moving. If you have no idea where to begin, don’t worry, you are on the right page. This article will explore how to pack your books for moving.

Sort Your Books

When moving out, you must start by sorting your books out and removing the books that you no longer use or need. Most moving companies charge by weight, and removing the unnecessary books will help you save money. You can consider donating some of the books you have read to friends or family members. You can also consider selling some of them as your second-hand stores, which will help you generate some income in the process. Don’t carry books you have read, and you know pretty well you not use them.

Consider Suitable Boxes

Books are very sensitive and prone to getting torn or contacting stains if not handled or stored well. This is why you must be cautious when selecting the boxes to carry your books. You can consider buying sturdy cardboard boxes. Don’t forget to check if they can hold the size you admire. You will also need to buy good tape to help seal the boxes. Books can be very heavy, and having weak boxes, will frustrate you. If you are new to this, consider assembling your box, making sure you seal the bottom of the box very well. It’s good to consider taping it one more time if you are using a used box.

Start with Hardcover Books

When packing your books start with the hardcover books and ensure you place them standing upright just like you would on the shelf. For your highly valued books, you can consider wrapping them well before packing. Place stiff cardboard between them to protect them.

Time to Pack Paperbacks

After packing the hardcover books, it’s time to pack your paperbacks. You can consider packing your paper edges while facing down to avoid bending their edge. However, you can get creative by using multiple styles in packing books in one box. You should ensure that these methods are not odd to damage their edge.

Ensure Your Boxes are Secure

When you finish putting the books, fill the remaining space with wadd3d paper. This helps to prevent the books from shifting as you move, which can easily damage them. Labeling your boxes and crossing out the previous labels is essential to avoid confusion.

Packing the Books on Your Truck

Most people do the mistake of not considering the weight of the books when packing their trucks. It’s essential to pack the very boxes with hardcovers first, then the light ones. It’s also vital to avoid stacking the boxes unless you have secured them from the trip or shift.

Bottom Line!

Always take your time when packing your books and preferable pack them on a spine to avoid damaging the edges. Never underestimate the weight of your books; books are heavy.

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