Hallway Furniture Design Ideas

Hallway Furniture Design Ideas


Your hallway is incomplete without furniture. They add practicality and visual interest to your hallway interior design. Also, you can find many different options in the market that will complement the look of your interiors. However, focus on more than just style. Functionality is crucial as well. If you are not sure about choosing the furniture pieces for your hallway decor, here are a few furniture ideas you can take inspiration from:

01 of 06 Foyer tables

If your home has a beautiful foyer, you should complement its look with a foyer table. These furniture pieces are perfect for the space because of their versatile appearance. You can use them for the purpose of storage or make them a part of your decoration. Find a foyer table that matches the other elements in your foyer. Make sure you choose the right size depending on the size of your foyer. If the table is too big for the space, your foyer might appear crowded and sufficient space might not be available for the smooth flow of traffic. Experts suggest leaving around 30 to 36 inches between the foyer table and other furniture pieces in the foyer. Various decor items can be kept on the table for decoration.

Console tables

 02 of 06 Console tables

Hallway interior designs are often narrow and small. Not everyone can accommodate a large table inside. They require a more compact furniture idea that can fit into any narrow space. A console table is perfect for such narrow spaces. You can add more functionality to your hallway decor with this table. Many options come with storage that will allow you to store various items. If you want a more minimalist option, look for a console table without storage and keep a basket on it for keeping small things organised like keys. Moreover, you can find stylish options that will elevate the beauty of the space. A few small decor items or vases will look great on the table. You can place two small tools under your console table so that they can be used for sitting when needed.

03 of 06 Tables featuring mirrors

Want to give your hallway interior design a spacious look? Consider adding a table with a mirror instead of a regular table. Mirrors are great for small spaces. The reflection in the mirror will create the illusion of a larger space and make your hallway appear larger.  Moreover, mirrors reflect light. If sufficient light is not available in your hallway, placing a mirror strategically will make the space well-lit. As a result, you will be able to reduce the expenses required for additional lighting fixtures. Look for a minimalist option for a modern setup and ornate pieces for traditional hallway designs. Also, the table with the mirror will provide additional storage.

04 of 06 A bench with a shoe rack

Benches are very popularly used in hallways. They are perfect for narrow spaces and offer sufficient seating space. Some benches also come with additional storage. Although they are great, a shoe rack bench proves to be more beneficial in the hallway. This is because a shoe rack is an essential element of the hallway. You might face difficulties in accommodating a bench and shoe rack together in small hallways. A shoe rack bench eliminates this space constraint issue by performing both functions. It will allow you to sit comfortably and store your shoes in an organised manner.

05 of 06 Sideboards

When your hallway is small and you want to maximise the storage space, sideboards are perfect. They are available in many sizes. You can look for a small option for your hallway. It will be placed against a wall and can store plenty of items. You will have a combination of drawers and cabinets for your belongings. From small items like keys to your clothing, you can store various items in it. Moreover, you can have sideboards in many stylish and elegant designs.

06 of 06 Coat stands and racks

People often wear thick coats and jackets outside their homes during winter to keep them protected from the cold. Although they are perfect to tackle the cold, they become too much once you enter the home. Hence, it makes sense to create storage for your coats in the hallway so that you can easily open or wear them while entering or leaving your home. A coat stand will ensure that the coats do not wrinkle and lose their elegant look. Look for an option that will allow you to store multiple coats at a time. Also, make sure that it features hooks at different heights so that both adults and kids can use it. Many coat racks come with additional storage that can be used for storing various things.

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