Fun things to do in October as a family

Fun things to do in October as a family


Want to have some bonding time with your family but aren’t sure what new activities to organize for them? Here are some entertaining things you can all do this month!

Have a Halloween movie marathon

The month of October is impossible to imagine without a Halloween movie marathon, when you’re all sitting under some cozy blankets in front of the TV and watching you favorite movies. Thankfully this year apart from the classics like Corpse Bride, Hocus Pocus, and Halloween, there are plenty of new thriller and horror movies coming out so that everyone can choose something to watch even by themselves or together with the family.

Decorate the house

You wouldn’t like to celebrate this season with no decorations in your house, would you? You can find lots of stuff at Target, both spooky and cute, depending on the theme that you’re going for this year. Engage your kids in decorating the house by creating DIY projects like wall decor made of maple leaves or making candle holders out of fruits and small pumpkins. And don’t forget about the porch!

Get matching outfits

There’s nothing cuter than a family dressed up in matching outfits and what better time to do this than in the most beautiful month of the year. You can play safe and go for some plaid pajamas or choose something more interesting, like cable knit jumpers such as Irish sweaters that all of you could also wear all year round. At Tara Irish Clothing, you can find authentic Irish sweaters for your whole family, even its youngest members. Soft and warm, you can literally FALL in love with these sweaters!

Bake pies

During fall, we all want to have a taste of something hot and comforting, a piece of something sweet that we can enjoy with a cup of our favorite coffee or hot chocolate. Preparing baked goods doesn’t take a lot of time and effort, but it surely brings a lot of joy to your family members, especially when cooked together. It can be a traditional family recipe that you make every autumn, but it can also be something you’ve found online on a cooking forum.

Spend more time in nature

Autumn is the most beautiful time of the year, and it would be a shame not to go out in nature to admire the breathtaking landscapes. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a big vacation to some cabin in the woods, it can be as simple as having a long walk in the park to check out the fall foliage, going apple picking, or visiting a pumpkin patch.

Tell scary stories

Create a fort out of some pillows and blankets, turn off the light in the house, bring a flashlight, and start making up scary stories. If you have little kids, make sure to not exaggerate, as they can get really impressed and not sleep without a nightlight for weeks; otherwise, if everything goes as planned, it can become a funny family tradition.


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