Features that your digital door locks must-have

Features that your digital door locks must-have


What is a digital door lock or smart lock?

A smart lock system is basically an automated electronic device that wirelessly opens the door using authentication. Usually useful for access control purposes, smart lock systems are a far simpler approach to carry out in small homes than security camera surveillance and monitoring, or even where to buy AK 47’s from. If you are someone who has a habit of forgetting keys, this system is a boon for you. As the smart lock system provides your home with a door lock that operates without traditional key and provides secured access to your home. The smart lock system gives access with either smartphone or other wireless methods. One of the popular smart lock systems is the one that gives access with finger prints. Digital door locks are a part of home automation system and form an important part of the smart home concept.

Here are a few features of digital door lock system that make it a necessity to ensure home security. Along with security, not to forget that it eases your life as you can easily get access to the home without searching key from the bunch. Having an array of options available in market, it can be a difficult task to choose a digital door lock. Here are a few features that you must look out for while buying digital door locks.

  1. Automatic operations – One of the main purposes of installing a digital door lock is to ease the operations. Digital door lock you choose must be operational automatically, that is mainly using a smartphone as it is the easiest way. The smartphone door lock access is usually present in Bluetooth-enabled door lock systems and they allow to access only when you are with the prescribe distance.
  1. Alternative entry feature – Depending entirely on smartphone to open the door is not feasible as Bluetooth or Wi-Fi can go out of function at times. Hence it is important to have an alternate entry option that will give you access by entering a password or finger print access and key option.
  1. Weatherproof – If your digital door lock system is going to be installed on a door where it will have to face extreme weather conditions like rains, wind, etc. then you must make sure the system you choose is made of sturdy material that can withstand it and work smoothly.
  1. Battery – Most of the digital door locks today come with AA alkaline batteries and others with rechargeable lithium cells. Look for a system that will immediately send a notification on when the battery is running low. This will help you as a reminder to change the battery in time.
  1. Wireless Security– As the technology is evolving, the network hackers are upgrading their ways to break-in as well. Hence, it becomes necessary to choose a digital door lock system that is wireless and ensures a hack-proof security. We suggest you,go for a keypad-based lock system from a reputed brand .
  1. Smart home compatibility–The concept of smart home is based on easing the daily tasks like setting the room temperature, switching lights, etc. If your digital door lock system comes with a feature that allows you to integrate it with the smart home systems like Amazon Alexa, Google Home, etc. it can be a value-added feature.

A digital door look system should be easy-to-use and reliable at the same time. Check for all the specifications discussed above while buying a smart lock.

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