A complete guide to buy a good washer

A complete guide to buy a good washer


Introduction: The first thing you have to think about before buying a washer is to consider the size of your family. If your family is a big family requiring to do long hours of laundry, you have to buy a washing machine accordingly. If you are in a tiny apartment with your spouse and a child, you will be facing the problem of space crunch. In such a case, the size of your washer is an important thing that should dominate the decision process completely. If you are worried about the electric bill, go for a washer that has multiple functions to save some money.

What are the things you should consider while buying a good washer?

  • Size and the maximum load it can contain.
  • Semi or fully automatic washers.
  • Front or top-loading model washers.
  • Functions of the washing machine.
  1. Size and Maximum load it can wash: 

Whenever you go to a shop for buying a washer, take a close look at the wash basket. This will determine the load of clothes it can contain and wash. If you are a bachelor, go for a washer with a small wash basket that can help you to save on power bills. 

If yours is a big family, go for a bigger one to reduce the number of loads the washer has to wash. You can wash all the clothes in one go to reduce power consumption. You can choose any size from compact, small to larger capacitor washers. 

The main reason why you have to go for the size is to prevent the washer repair due to dumping more cloths than its capacity. When your washer is low on machine breakdown, you can prolong the life span of your machine.

  1. Semi or Fully Automatic washers: 

In the case of semi-automatic washers, there will be some amount of manual intervention in the functioning of the washer. If it is a fully automatic washer, you have to switch it on. The machine will wash and give a beep sound to indicate the function is over.

  • The semi-automatic washers are top-loading washers that require you to fill in the wash basket with water. When it has washed the clothes, it gives a beep sound. You have to manually transfer the clothes to the dryer tub, which will be near the washing tub. These machines require less maintenance and consume less power. But, it requires manual intervention and has no option to set the temperature.
  • The fully automatic washers are either top or front loading devices that require no human intervention while washing loads. There are different kinds of options that allow you to give different commands to the washers. They don’t use up a lot of space, but eats up more power and are higher priced machines.
  1. Top loading or Front-loading washers:

The Front loading machines are comfortable as you don’t have to stoop down to add clothes to the washer. If you are a person with acute joint pain, this is the best option you can have. Another benefit of this kind of machine is you can put into the machine additional clothes even after the wash cycle has started.

The front-loading washers use less water than top-loading washers and not easily prone to washer repair. A front-loading machine uses gravity force to move the clothes side to the back. Whereas the top-loading machine uses an agitator to spin the clothes.

  1. Wash programs:

The people living in different parts of the world require different functions to wash different kinds of clothes. If you live in a place with heavy rainfall, the function should get rid of the bad odor of the damped clothes. It should also spin the clothes to dry the clothes easily.

If you are particular to wash your clothes in warm water, choose one with the set temperature option. This would do the job to your satisfaction. Thus, you have to go for a washer that satisfies all or almost all of the features you expect from this machine.

Bottom Line: 

In short, a washer is a costly machine that requires you to do extensive research before buying an apt one for you. Check for the wash programs, loading feature, size, and the capacity of the washer. Never go for a washer made of a material that is likely to corrode easily. Check whether the machine can withstand the spinning velocity of the washer. 

When you go for buying a washer, ask the salesman for a machine that has a hard water treatment option. This will extend the life of your washer and save some money as it doesn’t require frequent washer repair. Choose an energy-efficient washer with an option to control the temperature.

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