9 attitude changes that occur when you spend twenty:

9 attitude changes that occur when you spend twenty:


How do you know that you are already an adult? Check how your attitude changes when you start to mature, even if you feel adult overnight. The other option is you can easily know with the help of adult quiz questions and answers.

Fulfill twenty is characterized by mixed feelings: it can excite you or cause you a lot of anxiety, it is that fast passage that is made from adolescence to adulthood, in which important and novel facts are added, it is the stage that we wanted to reach as children; but when we arrive, we realize and affirm at every step that it will not be as we imagined.

Among the things that happen to most of us after 23 are:

The party is not so exciting anymore

You start to realize that the money spent at parties and alcohol could have been used to eat your favorite dish with friends, stay at home or just buy some goodies you saw in a store and you felt like it.

Buying clothes every week is somewhat unattractive

The compulsive accumulation of material things ceases to be a priority, the way you dress no longer influences your thoughts so much; Having the best bag, jacket, jeans, shoes or shoes is no longer essential.

You start looking for more stable relationships and less adventures

The love adventures are already part of a past that excites you very little, although you do not completely stop the passionate moorings of a night, your interests go beyond meaningless sex and you realize that you need true affection.

Your circle of friends is getting smaller

Surround yourself with people who do not add to your future plans or your expectations is not in your interest. “Removing emotional waste” is something that begins to be more everyday than before; you don’t call anyone a friend and you discover that maybe friends were not as friends as you thought, disappointments about friendships even seem more serious than love ones.

The physicist is no longer the main thing

You are looking for souls and thoughts to share, instead of a body to have 2 hours in bed; the physical aspect of the other no longer influences so much how you perceive it, no body is worth more than a hug.

Start the conformation of a “being” so personal and proper that you do not want anyone to corrupt or criticize; you form a mental attitude that says: “I am like that and I don’t care what others think.” You go to the ‘battlefield’ of social pressure armed with a shield and do not fear.

You seriously care about the future

The anxiety about your future increases considerably, you feel that you must run to get what you want and that your time is running out, that you must do something or you will lose yourself in failure forever. Failure or ‘fail’ as an adult is so characteristic at this stage, that there are even whole days in which you feel that you are not made for this adult life, that you did not meet your expectations and are not where you dreamed.

You become cautious

You are no longer so passionate, nor do you fall in love so much with anyone who passes by, that kind of love now seems useless and unnecessary; maybe at this age you already collected at least one failed relationship, which made you stop believing in love.

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Loneliness is your best friend

Now you just want to spend your time alone and you are happy with that, the times of wanting to surround yourself with people to not feel empty are left behind; You prefer to spend a night watching your favorite series, reading a good book, organizing your week or simply putting likes, that being with a lot of strangers in an environment that is gradually losing the meaning it had.

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These are only some of the changes that usually occur when we feel adolescence away and adulthood with all its weight on our heels; Do not despair, you will get used to it and you will see that all these things, although worrying at the moment, are signs of growth and evolution.

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