5 Effective Tips to Prepare Yourself for an Abortion

5 Effective Tips to Prepare Yourself for an Abortion


The effectiveness of abortion has vastly improved in India. Advances include gestational age dating, pain management and RH status testing to ensure a high-end patient experience. The leading maternity hospitals make sure the medical termination of pregnancy is free of bleeding, infections and damage to the reproductive organs. It is a minor procedureand is performed by trained individuals. The surgical methodswill involve dilatation and curettage or suction evacuation. These are performed under conscious sedation or anaesthetic.Or else, you will be given abortion pills with instructions. These are safe and convenient. But every medical procedure carries certain risks. So, it is crucial to know a few actionable steps to prepare yourself mentally and physically to end the pregnancy. Take a look.

1. Know your Options

Abortion can be of two types: medical and surgical. You will either consume oral medicines or undergo surgeries to abort the foetus. Know which type is right for you. Research about the side effects of each one. Learn how the procedures are performed. Licensed hospitals take care of all parameters to ensure minimal physical complications. The specialists ensure the recommended solution is ideal according to your health situation. But it is a good idea to educate yourself beforehand to avoid surprises.

2.  Pre-Abortion Counselling Sessions

The best maternity hospital in Delhi offers the services of pregnancy counsellors. You can discuss your decision with them. It can help you think through your options too. Patients can learn about health risks, safety procedures and precautions. But make sure the session is non-judgemental and productive. It must be motivating, positive and pleasant. You should not end up feeling sad, scared or guilty. Instead,onemust have a clear knowledge of how to maintain both emotional and physical health after the process.

3.  Follow the Pre-Abortion Diet

Reconsider your food and beverage on the day of the abortion. Avoid liquids three hours before and solids six hours before the process. This is the best way to avoid nausea and post-operative vomiting which are exhausting. It also reduces the risks of aspiration that is caused by a combination of food and saliva. Otherwise, you might face severe lung injury. Aspiring under anaesthesia could be fatal since it can minimize oxygen intake. Try to eat a light breakfast without grease. Avoid chewing or smoking 8 hours before visiting the best maternity hospital in Delhi. Get in touch with the doctor for detailed information.

4.  Supportive Friend

Bring someone who can reduce your anxiety, guilt and fear. It might help you greatly if you confide in them. They can offer the right guidance, assistance and advice. You will be more comfortable and confident through the procedure. Having a trusted person by your side can make the abortion feel like a normal surgical procedure without social stigma. They can also get you the necessary medications, complete the clinic formalities and payments and drive you back home safely.

5. Post-Abortion Care

Heating pads, over-the-counter pain medicines and sanitary napkins are a few comfort items that are a must after an abortion. You can also get chocolates, aromatic candles, supportive pillows, blankets or your favourite dishes to keep yourself relaxed. They aid in the healing process too. Make sure to stock up these essentials beforehand.

Getting an abortion done from a trusted hospital is half the battle won. Further, put the above tips into action for the best outcome.

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