Ways to Treat Infertility in Men

Ways to Treat Infertility in Men


While infertility was initially seen to be an exclusive problem amongst women, it was found out in recent years that men too face infertility issues. Most of the infertility cases are only because of the men, and coming to terms with the fact that one has infertility issues can be troublesome for a lot of people. To a lot of men, being diagnosed with infertility through ICSI treatment turns out to be devastating, given how every man desires to father children along with their spouses. However, for men going through infertility issues, there are several treatments that you can opt for.

Here are some of the infertility treatments brought to you by the best fertility centre in Delhi:

Top Best Surgical Infertility Treatments to Consider for Male Infertility

Male infertility is either caused by known causes and or by unknown reasons as well. And infertility caused by undetected causes is known as idiopathic male infertility. The best way of diagnosing male infertility by the fertility centre in Delhi is through their experience as doctors, and this is termed empiric therapy. Here are some of the treatments that promise to treat infertility in men.

Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI): Get Pregnant Even with Infertility

One of the IVF variations, ICSI, includes advanced treatment for chronic and serious male infertility issues. The ICSI procedure enables and offers the golden opportunity for infertile couples to get pregnant. The procedure involves injecting the egg with the help of a small needle, and upon the fertilisation of the egg, it is planted into the uterus of your partner. The health care technician might turn to ICSI treatment for patients having low-quality semen. The treatment is also favoured by the doctors when males encounter blocked semen, no semen, or even testicular failure which denies being fixed.

In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF): Treat Myriad Hormone Conditions

In Vitro Fertilisation includes a procedure that joins the egg of your partner or even a donor with sperm in a lab. The ovaries are required to be stimulated to generate multiple eggs during the IVF and this is achieved either through drugs, given in the form of regular injections. The procedure enables retrieval of matured eggs, and after allowing the eggs to grow for about 3-5 days, the embryo or the fertilised egg is put back to the uterus. The IVF procedure, just like the ICSI treatment, is largely favoured to treat idiopathic infertility, certain hormone conditions, and for an untreatable low count of sperm.

Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)

For IUI, your doctor will plant your sperm into your partner’s uterus via tube. The IUI treatment, like the ICSI treatment, is an amazing option for people having low sperm count and issues with movement, followed by retrograde ejaculation and other infertility causes.

Other treatment options other than ICSI treatment, IUI, IVF treatment are

  • Varicocele treatments
  • Azoospermia treatments
  • Microsurgical Vasovasostomy
  • Vasoepididymostomy
  • Transurethral Resection of the Ejaculatory Duct
  • Sperm Retrieval for ART

It is possible to treat most male infertility issues with a simple outpatient procedure, and all of the treatments are performed either under IV sedation or through general anaesthesia. You can seek references from a urologist from your primary healthcare providers. With so many treatment options, you wouldn’t have to deal with more trauma regarding infertility issues.

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