Special Gifts To Celebrate The Occasion Of Diwali

Special Gifts To Celebrate The Occasion Of Diwali


The festival of Diwali is just around the corner, and that brings us an opportunity to foster relationships with our relatives and friends over some gifts. And we that like every year, the divine vibes of Diwali will shower loads of happiness and prosperity upon you all.

So, as Diwali is near, have thought about what gifts you’re going to give this time? If you are thinking of the same sweet boxes, then make a little shift and think differently. Make your efforts and make this Diwali a special with some special gifts.

And if you struggle to think of something different, let us help you on the course.

Give this article a read till the end so that you have a bunch of gift ideas to choose from.

Ganesha Shadow Candle Holder

Ganesha is the lord of a new beginning, and he is worshipped before any other deity. And Diwali is the festival of lights. Thus, Ganesha Shadow Candle Holder makes the perfect and special gift to present to your friend and relatives on the occasion of Diwali. It has a metal cut-out of Ganesha attached to a circular space for the candle. As the name defines, as soon the candle lights up, it will form a divine shadow of Lord Ganesha.

Set Of Handmade Designer Diyas

Lighting up Diyas is a tradition that we follow to celebrate the auspicious occasion of Diwali. And this tradition continues for three long days usually. Starting from a day before Diwali and lasting till the day after Diwali. So, how about gifting a set of eye-catchy handmade designer Diyas to your loved ones this Diwali. You can shop Diya easily from the local and form an online store as well. You can easily find sets of four, six, eight, and twelve Diyas. If the family that you want presents a set Diyas lives far away from you, then you can visit an online gift store that provides Diyas for Diwali and also provides online home delivery.

Happy Diwali Cake

Sweet is the language of love, and it applies through all the relations. As we asked you to ditch the idea of gifting sweets this Diwali in the intro, it doesn’t mean that you let the festivals pass without sharing a sweet dish with your loved ones. So, in order to make it special, gift a special Happy Diwali cake to the family you are planning to visit. There are online bakeries that provide poster cakes for Diwali. Keep the flavour of cake vanilla or black forest so that everyone can have a bite.


One more sweet gift is here to treat the taste buds of the recipient. Chocolates are something that people of all age eat, and it renders some happy vibes. So, get a box of Diwali special chocolates and celebrate the occasion with the sweetness of love. Do not pick those boxes having a print of the brands.

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We are talking about such chocolate boxes which only have the design defining and welcoming the occasion of Diwali. And online gifting portals are the best place to find such chocolate boxes.

A Lovely Combo

If a single gift product seems not enough to you, then you can go with a combo option this Diwali. And we recommend you to make a combo with Idol of Lord Rama and Goddess Sita, one indoor plant, a set of Diyas, and a small box of mixed dry fruits. We bet that such a combo will surely stand apart and it makes such a special and unique gift for Diwali.

So, with such great options as a Diwali gift, which one do you choose?

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