Revature Talks About Overcoming The Catch-22 Of Entry Level Work Experience In Tech Industry

Revature Talks About Overcoming The Catch-22 Of Entry Level Work Experience In Tech Industry


There has never been a better time to get a tech job. The tech industry generates several thousand of jobs every year. This growth is likely to make the tech industry every job seekers dream. But in reality, the prospect of finding a job in this sector can be daunting for people without experience. The catch-22 to the entry-level job market is that several designated “entry-level” roles in tech actually require multiple years of job experience, along with specific skills. Such barriers can make it difficult to obtain entry-level jobs for people just graduating from college or making a career shift. Hence, they should explore ways like joining a company like Revature that equips them with the skills and industry experience needed in the tech industry.

Revature shares insight into how to get past the Catch-22 of getting hired in tech

The tech industry is indeed quite rewarding. But to break into it, one needs to be proactive in their approach and explore many ways, such as getting internships. Internships are a good way to gain experience in any industry, including technology. There are several companies across the world that are more than willing to take on tech interns and provide them with real world experience and valuable training. Even if the internship is not a paid one, at the end of the day, it will help candidates to build valuable connections and learn more about the industry.

While internships are great, one must also note that all internships are not the same type or have equal value. Candidates need to do their research properly, and apply to internships that are a good fit for their life goals and skills. With a large number of options available, there is no reason to settle for anything less than the ideal internship. Candidates need to take time and patiently research to find the right opportunity that sets themselves up for a successful career in tech.

College often leaves people with expensive student loans. In this situation, doing unpaid internships may not be feasible for many. In this situation, it would be better that they join tech development companies like Revature. This company helps people to accelerate their career in technology by providing them the opportunity to learn on the job, and get paid while acquiring the most in-demand tech skills.

In today’s age, networking is the key for anyone planning to start a career in the tech industry. Getting connected with other professionals in the field would be a good way to learn about brand new opportunities and even meet potential employers. Attending industry events is also a smart way to meet new people and learn more about the industry. However, just attending these events will not be enough. People also need to be engaging and active enough. Attendees should take time to introduce themselves to other professionals and strike up conversations. Attendees can make the most of these events by getting involved and building connections, so as to further their careers in the tech industry.

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