Learn How to Become Certified in Google? Tips to Become a Google Partner

Learn How to Become Certified in Google? Tips to Become a Google Partner


In a world as competitive as that of Digital Marketing, professionals are constantly searching for knowledge that will allow them to position themselves in their companies and to become experts on the subject.

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This is why they enroll in different courses that subsequently grant them a certification that validates their knowledge.

In this area, we can find certain large companies that currently lead the digital market and that obtaining a certification in their name would make you an outstanding professional.

One of these companies is nothing more and nothing less than Google.

Get Certified on Google

Google, in addition to being the quintessential web search engine and providing services on different platforms, also offers the possibility of obtaining a professional accreditation to the user, through a certification.

This certification guarantees a wide range of knowledge, from the most basic to the most advanced, in online advertising.

All this is achieved by taking a proficiency test, for which the user must be previously registered with Google Partners, which is a program for advertising and digital marketing agencies, among other items that take place online.

It also allows them to take courses in training, access to special events, studies and certifications etc.

Obtaining this professional certificate implies that the user passes two exams, of which the first is the AdWords Fundamentals Exam, and the second is one of the following: Search Advertising, Mobile Advertising, Display Advertising, Advertising in Shopping or Video Advertising.

These are available in multiple languages and the score required to pass them is 80% in each. The certification, once obtained, is valid for 12 months, which can be maintained if the tests are taken again before the first year of taking them.

If you have failed the exams, they can be taken again within 7 days. The evidence consists of the following:

The Evidence Consists of the Following:

  1. Fundamentals of AdWords

This exam covers basic and intermediate AdWords concepts, such as the benefits of online advertising and how to direct and optimize the campaigns carried out on this platform.

  1. Search Advertising

It encompasses basic and advanced concepts, such as recommendations to create, direct and timely measure search ad campaigns in the network where it occurs.

  1. Display Advertising

Evaluate advanced knowledge in the creation, administration, measurement and optimization of campaigns on the Display Network.

  1. Mobile Advertising

It covers basic to advanced concepts such as ad formats, offers, targeting and optimal campaign measurement.

  1. Video Advertising

It measures basic to advanced knowledge of creating, measuring, directing, and optimizing ad campaigns on YouTube and other websites.

  1. Advertising in Shopping

Evaluates basic and advanced concepts about creating Merchant Center accounts and product data feed, as well as creating and managing Shopping campaigns.

On the other hand, the courses offered in Google AdWords, which are all free, are the following:

  1. Android Development for Beginners

With this workshop, you will learn all the basic concepts of Android and Java, so that you can begin to delve into this amazing technological world.

It is aimed at beginning programming students who want to enhance their knowledge in creating Android applications.

  1. Android Application Development, Intermediate Level

In this course, both theory and practice are interspersed when it comes to creating and managing Android applications, at an intermediate level.

  1. Google Localization Services in Android, Intermediate Level

Here, you will learn about the behavior of Android applications, which changes according to your location, and how to implement this with the Merged Location Provider, which is much more complex than a standard GPS.

You will also obtain knowledge in the Activity Recognition, which allows you to adapt the application to what the user is doing. Finally, you will learn about Geofence and how to apply this concept to location services to create mobile apps with more complex functions.

  1. Android Application Development, Advanced Level

An excellent guide to optimize the production processes of an application through Sunshine, an Android app specialized in the weather.

In the process, you will resort to the use of tools and concepts such as the approach to design material, image management, profiling and more.

  1. Optimization of Android Applications, Advanced Level

A course designed to identify and diagnose problems in the operation of applications. At the end of the course, you will have the ability to conduct exploratory tests, manage profiling tools, use outputs to navigate problem codes, and design plans to mitigate low-quality performance.

  1. Intermediate Level Mobile Web Development

Aimed at those web developers who want to learn the best ways to create web experiences between mobile devices, focusing on web applications that operate through multiple platforms such as Android and iOS among others.

  1. Responsive Web Design, Intermediate level

Here, with the guidance of Pete LePage, Google web developer, you will exercise to create your own responsive website that works well on every mobile device and tablet etc.

  1. Use of responsive Images, Intermediate level

Lessons to learn how to work with images on the modern web, so they can look great and load quickly on any device.

  1. Optimization of Websites, Intermediate level

Course that teaches how to optimize any website at its page rendering detail inspection speed level.

  1. Optimization of Web Applications, Advanced level

Thanks to Chrome developer Paul Lewis, you will learn how to destroy Jank, identify its causes and create web apps that maintain sessions 60 frames per second.

  1. Add Google Maps to your Application, Intermediate level

As its name says, here you will learn, in an intensive way, to add maps to Android applications.

  1. Android Wear, Advanced Level

Here, topics of application structures and shared information between devices are addressed, as well as gaining the knowledge required to design great usable user experiences, such as how to take advantage of the Always-on Display on Android Wear devices.

  1. Android TV, Google Cast and Advanced Level

This course teaches how to extend your existing Android app to work on Android TV and Google Cast. You can take advantage of both technologies without having to redo your app.

  1. Android Auto, Advanced Level

What these lessons explain is how to get started and then cover multimedia and messaging applications in detail.

  1. UX Design for Mobile Developers for Beginners

Aimed at developers who are looking to learn efficiently about the most important design techniques that guide them to create better apps, with a focus on mobile phones and Android.

  1. Material Design, Intermediate Level

Here, you will learn how to apply the main design material that defines the visual language of Android to your applications.

  1. Development of Games for HTML 5, Intermediate LevelX

This course will guide you to the best components in the development of GRITS, an HTML game: techniques to perfect the creation of HTML5 applications.

  1. Development of Apps in Python, Advanced Level

Here, you will see what are the challenges of building apps that can serve hundreds or thousands of users and how you can prepare for it as a developer.

But, most importantly, you will learn how to harness the power of the App Engine Platform as a service, managed by Google, so that you can focus on the characteristics of your applications and not on managing their administration infrastructure.

19 . Gradle for Android and Java, Advanced level

In this course, you will explore the Gradle tool, its compilation and grouping of applications, and learn to customize compilation processes.

Renew your Certificate

As you can see, Google offers its users a wide range of courses in order to help them to become true professionals. But this professionalism also implies being on par with all the digital and technological advances that are taking place day after day, each time with greater imminence.

It is there where the importance of renewing the certification really is: the best thing for you will always be to obtain more experience in the field you go to, and therefore, in this case, being aware of each digital renewal will allow you to take a step further to become an expert.

As you have seen, you must have a lot of knowledge to obtain the Google Certificate. So you can start by studying Google Analytics and Google Adword courses which will help you to be prepared in a short time so you can get certified.

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