The International Consortium for Agile is more known as ICAgile. It is an independent accreditation and certification body recognized across the globe. Its focus is on advancing high-quality agile learning. It ensures courses lineup with learning objectives defined by industry experts.

One must undergo a process to get accreditation. It involves a series of interviews and course reviews. A matrix assessment against ICAgile’s defined learning objectives is also included. Once accredited, it provides international recognition for organizations. This accreditation helps people know where to get their ICAgile certifications. It ensures that the training offered is in alignment with defined learning objectives.

There are two levels of certification for ICAgile. One is for professionals and the other is for experts. The professional-level certification recognizes knowledge acquisition. The expert-level evaluates how competent and proficient the learner is at that moment.


ICAgile certification starts with the ICAgile Certified Professional or ICP. It recognizes learning focused on agile values and principles at a foundational level.

Listed below are some of the ICP programs offered around the world.

ICP in Agile Product Ownership

The ICP-APO is a knowledge-based certification on the Product Ownership Track. Its focus is on value-driven software delivery and the accompanying mindset. It also considers the key agile practices for emphasizing customer value. The creation of organizational and team environments is also part of the ICP-APO. This certification lets one have a superb foundation in value-based agile solutions delivery.

ICP in Delivery at Scale

The focus of ICP-DAS is on applying agile management principles beyond projects. It also focuses on programs, portfolios, and the broader organizational context. Participants will learn about industry-leading scaling frameworks and lean principles. This certification also teaches how those can help in eliminating waste. As a result, value-delivery across the organization becomes maximized.

ICP in Agile Coaching

The ICP-ACC focuses on the mindset, roles, and responsibilities of an Agile Coach. It lets participants differentiate between and among mentoring, facilitating, teaching, coaching, and consulting. It also provides skills needed for creating a safe environment. The result is excellent collaboration and healthy conflict resolution within an agile team. Participants also get an introduction to team development concepts. Particular attention is usually given to team dynamics and the surrounding organizational system.

There are plenty of online certifications and courses available nowadays. It is crucial to do your research before you choose where to get your certification. There are many websites listing legit training centers and organizations offering great services. It would also be best to ask around to have an insight on the experience of other customers. Checking for proper licenses will also be ideal to prevent getting scammed. Be wary of those too good to be true offers. Excellent services usually do not come at a low cost.

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