Hillandale Farms Pennsylvania- An Esteemed Name in Sustainable Farming And Animal Welfare

Hillandale Farms Pennsylvania- An Esteemed Name in Sustainable Farming And Animal Welfare


Little do people realize that industrial farming practices extensively harm the planet, especially the natural resources and the soil. The biodiversity of the Earth is also getting affected as farmers use a lot of chemicals in pesticides and fertilizers to increase farming produce. In fact, antibiotics are used extensively on the livestock that is raised on these farms, and consumers are consuming these agricultural products without the knowledge that harmful chemicals are entering their bodies.

Hillandale Farms Pennsylvania-extensively using solar and wind energy 

 Hillandale Farms Pennsylvania is a credible name in Spring Grove for eggshells and organic food products. These farms are highly trusted by their customers for their high-quality food products that are organic and free from the use of any synthetic chemicals. The professionals working on these farms are deeply connected to the land, and they ensure that wind and solar energy are used for their farming practices.

Recently these farms have invested in a unique water treatment facility for filtering the water used for washing eggs and returning it to the soil. Industrial farming techniques are spoiling the quality of the ground for growing crops, and water is wasted to a large extent. The experts on this farm ensure that they are located close to the customers so that their carbon footprint on the planet is reduced to a large size.

There is a surge in demand for organic food 

The demand for organic food products has risen in the market, especially after most people have become conscious of the food they consume after the coronavirus pandemic. Though the price of organic food products is higher than those produced by industrial farming methods, most people are ready to buy them in the market.

Animal welfare is their topmost priority 

The experts of this farm focus on animal welfare programs to ensure livestock and chickens that are raised on the farms are safe and healthy. The farms provide the chicken houses cleaned daily with the help of a system that removes stale manure. At the same time, the chickens are raised cage-free, and the veterinarians focus on their health.

Dairy products on farms are trendy 

The dairy products of the farms are widely sought after in the market because these farms have earned a number of certifications under the Animal Welfare Program and other notable bodies. Customers are able to purchase small eggs, lutein eggs, cage-free brown and white eggs, butter solids, cheese, butter, and other dairy products from these farms. The company is one of the top five producers of eggshells in America today.

Hillandale Farms Pennsylvania also believes in serving the community and helping the needy. It regularly donates to homeless shelters in the USA to help people on the streets get a decent life. No one is responsible for being homeless as sometimes circumstances in life can really be cruel, and changes occur overnight. The world needs some compassion and kindness towards these homeless people so that they can get the support they need and return to a regular life with dignity!

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