Handy Tips For Renting A Furnished Apartment

Handy Tips For Renting A Furnished Apartment


If you’re planning on moving to a city shortly and want to rent an apartment for a year or two, renting furnished is often the best way to go. However, many aspects of renting furnished apartments can be confusing if you’ve never done it before. In this post, we’ll cover all the important information about renting a Hanover apartments Houston so that you can save time and money on your next move.

Look For Rental Amenities

You should always look for rental amenities when searching for a furnished apartment. Amenities can include swimming pools, gyms, laundry facilities, and more. These are often deciding factors in choosing a place to live. They can also help reduce your costs and make friends.

Ask About The Contract

The contract will include details about the length of your lease and what happens if you break it.

You should also ask about penalties for breaking a lease early, including how much money you’ll be charged. This can be a big deal when deciding where to live, especially if you’re on a tight budget or trying to save up money while living in an expensive city.

Check The Size

It’s also important to know what the apartment consists of. Is it a studio, one bedroom, two bedrooms, or more? Are there any balconies or patios? How many bathrooms are there? What is the square footage of the apartment? The answers to all these questions matter when you’re trying to figure out how much space you’ll actually be using.

If possible, try to avoid renting a furnished apartment with less than 1,000 square feet because it can be extremely small and feel cramped. If your budget allows for it, consider renting an apartment with at least 1,500 square feet so that you have plenty of room for your belongings and guests too.

Assess The Furniture

When you’re renting an apartment that comes with furniture, you should make sure to check it out. Make sure the furniture is in good condition and of high quality. You may want to ask about its warranty as well. If something breaks or tears, you’ll want to know if the landlord will replace it for free (and if so, how long he has to do so).

Check The Linens And Bedding

When you’re looking at an apartment, it’s easy to focus on the big things—the location and amenities. But there are plenty of smaller details that can make or break your comfort level as well. Here are some questions you should ask about linens and bedding:

  • Are the blankets and sheets clean? If not, is there a cleaning schedule in place so they’ll be fresh when you arrive?
  • Do I have access to my own washing machine?
  • Will I need to bring extra pillows? Extra blankets? Extra sheets or towels (for those places where they don’t get cleaned regularly)?

Decide Your Budget

Before you start looking for your next furnished apartment, it’s important to consider your budget. When deciding how much money you want to pay for rent and furniture, keep in mind that there are no hard-and-fast rules regarding these decisions. Your priorities will vary based on what you’re looking for in an apartment, so take some time and consider where your money should be spent.

Do you want a smaller space? Would it be worth paying more per square foot just to have the right amenities? Or would it make more sense for you to spend more money on furniture instead of paying rent? These are all important questions that need answers before moving forward with finding an apartment.


There are many things to consider if you’re looking for a furnished apartment. Renting is a great option for many people. But before you sign the lease on that beautiful space in your dream neighborhood, it’s important to do your research and get expert advice.


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