6 Must-Have Furniture Pieces for the Indian Living Room

6 Must-Have Furniture Pieces for the Indian Living Room


Many people love opting for an Indian living room decor design. Indian living rooms have a very elegant look and give your home design a regal appeal. There are a few crucial elements of an Indian living room design that require your attention. For instance, your furniture pieces. You must very carefully choose the furniture pieces because they have a huge impact on your home interior design. An Indian living room design requires furniture pieces that are more traditional and complement the rest of the decor. Wooden and heavy furniture pieces featuring intricate woodwork are most commonly used in Indian living rooms. However, there are many other options available in the market as well. If you are not sure about the furniture pieces required in your Indian living room, here are a few options you can explore:

01 of 06 The sofa

When designing a living room, the first living room furniture that comes to mind is the sofa. It is generally the largest furniture piece in the living room and hugely influences the overall look of the room. The first thing that you should take into consideration when choosing the sofa is comfort. Since the sofa is for sitting and relaxing, it should feel comfortable. Otherwise, you may experience back pain. Only after ensuring it is comfortable, you should pay attention to the look of the sofa. For your Indian living room design, you can buy a wooden sofa. However, there are other alternatives available as well. Pay attention to the size of the sofa as well. According to many experts, you should buy a sofa that covers two-thirds of your Indian living room. Make sure that colour matches the theme of your living room design. You can add an ottoman along with the sofa for a more colourful and vibrant appearance.

02 of 06 Install a television cabinet

A TV is essential in your Indian living room. In most homes, you will find wall-mounted TVs. However, modern TVs are not installed alone. You have to make extra storage space near the TV for other items like the set-top box, remote, speakers, etc. By keeping them stored properly, you can ensure that your living room design appears more organised and aesthetically appealing. Besides storing essential items, you can use the TV cabinet for displaying various decor items. To give a more personal touch to the interiors, you can use this space to display family photographs, portraits, trophies, etc.

03 of 06 Choose accent furniture pieces

The sofa is the primary furniture piece in an Indian living room. Other essential living room furnitureĀ pieces are the armchairs. However, adding just the essential furniture pieces to your living room is not sufficient. You have to add other furniture pieces to the setup so that your living room design appears complete. These include the coffee table, side table, centre table, etc. Besides enhancing the aesthetic beauty of the space, these help to make the interiors more functional and add to your comfort. For instance, placing a coffee table in the centre will help to serve food to your guests. Choose one with storage options so that you can store various items like the remote, a book, writing materials, etc. when required. Always keep in mind that too many accent furniture pieces can make the interiors appear a little busy and congested. Only if space permits, you must add more items.

04 of 06 Do not skip stackable furniture

It is always important to have a contingency plan. This is why many people prefer adding stackable furniture pieces to your living room design. They prove to be very beneficial when you have too many guests over and sufficient seating space is not available. You can just put them out and arrange them properly so that everyone can sit comfortably. Folding chairs and nesting tables are a few commonly used stackable furniture pieces in living rooms.

05 of 06 Get multi-purposeĀ  furniture

Choosing multi-purpose furniture pieces for your Indian living room design is a great idea. They help to save a lot of space and make the interiors more functional. A popular option used in many homes is a bench. A bench does not occupy a lot of space and can offer additional seating space in your living room decor. When people have dinner and additional seating space is required in the dining room, the bench can be carried to the dining room from the living room. You can get a bench with additional storage as well.

06 of 06 A pull-out sofa

If you feel that extra space is required in your small home for sleeping, you should consider getting a pull-out sofa. A pull-out sofa can be used for seating during the day when people visit and turned into a bed at night for sleeping. It is important to ensure that the sofa feels comfortable. Otherwise, you might not be able to sleep properly.

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