5 Spooky Decorations for You Home This Halloween

5 Spooky Decorations for You Home This Halloween


With Halloween just around the corner, there is no time like the present to start thinking about ways to make your house as scary as possible during this spooky season. While some people love decorating for Christmas holidays, others find it just as exciting to prepare their homes for the festivities by embracing some terrifying decor. Whether you want to have your house spruced up with Halloween decorations for a party you are hosting, a horror movie marathon or simply to invite the spooky atmosphere into your home, there are clever ways to do that without breaking the bank.

In order to get into the spirit, here at House Sales Direct we have prepared some interesting and scary decorating ideas to help you start. With anything from DIY projects to inexpensive items, you will be ready to start fully indulging in the Halloween spirit.

1. Outdoor Decorations

If you have a lawn or a garden which you could use, it will make the perfect welcoming scene for anyone visiting you or simply passing by your house. The outside bit is not only for yourself but for anyone who stumbles upon your house so if you are motivated enough, you can make it a mission to have the scariest house in your neighbourhood which certainly gives a great sense of community. What you could do is create a scary scene such as a graveyard with tombstones and skulls. Alternatively, you might want to opt for something less themed and place different scary elements. For example, you could hang spider webs on any trees or bushes in your garden, place a scarecrow or simply making it look as if it is abandoned and crooked by creating an organised mess. Many have also been inspired by Stranger Things so if you could have a person hanging in the air, that would be impressive.

2. Stock Up On Pumpkins

Everybody knows that pumpkins are a massive part of Halloween and happily there are many ways to style them in your preference. Not only could you get some real pumpkins to carve or eat, but you could also get decorative items to place around your house. Small artificial pumpkins are a massive hit in recent years but if you don’t want all those orange shades, you could get creative and paint them in any colour that would suit your home aesthetic. Many would opt for a neutral shade to match their minimalistic-styled houses. Another purpose for the pumpkin is to bring that amazing, comforting scentwhich will remind you of Halloween. You could bake something with it, make the famous pumpkin spiced latte or make a delicious soup out of it.

3. Light It Up

Lights play an important role in creating that eerie atmosphere indoors which is why it might be good to consider multiple lighting options for your home. What you could do is hang up theme fairy lights, putcandles in already carved pumpkins or place small lanterns around the house in order to achieve a dimmed effect. Lighting has the ability to transform any space and create any atmosphere you might desire.

4. Get Spooky Sweets

If you want your house to fully embrace the spooky season, you should pay attention even to the smallest details. For instance, getting sweets which are themed specifically for Halloween could do wonders to your décor. Not only can the sweets contribute to it, but the item you choose to use for them could also be tailored to the holiday. You might want to indulge in a little DIY session and create your own scary bowls or alternatively, you could purchase some in the shape of pumpkin, skulls or lanterns. It would nicely complement the eye bowl sweets, trust us.

5. Create a Wreath

Since Halloween occurs during the autumn season, one decorative item which is closely associated with it is the wreath. Similarly to how people create wreaths for their doors and tables during Christmas, one could be done in a spooky autumn style. All you will need is some wire, basic stationary items and seasonal decorations. Here you could use pumpkins once again, autumn leaves, scary spiders and anything else you find appropriate for the season. Hanging wreaths around the house, on doors and on tables will instantly spruce up your décor and show that you have put effort into creating that atmosphere.

Having all these essential items sitting around your house and outside will certainly create an eerie vibe for you (and your neighbours) to enjoy during the spooky season. We all love having something to be excited about so breaking up the time between summer and Christmas with a little scary holiday season is the perfect way to make autumn months feel much more pleasant.

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